The Best Wood Pellets for Your Grill

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It may not be a big decision to choose wood pellets. But you have to think about the flavour of wood pellets as they can affect your cooking. If you have bought a new pellet pit and want to buy the best wood pellet, read on.

There are numerous pellet making companies that are working to provide the customers with the best source of fuel. In European countries, the use of wood pellets is usual as compared to other fuels. The wood pellets do not increase the number of harmful gases in the environment as they are a sustainable source of energy.

The dkbrænde is one of the top-rated companies that are making wood pellets commercially. The preferable size of pellets is 6mm – 100mm, as you can easily store them. 

Everyone will prefer the use of wood pellets for barbecue as the wood pellets will add a natural flavour of wood in BBQs. Here is some basic information related to wood pellets.

How To Choose The Best Wood Pellets?

The wood pellets have different types of flavours and natural odours. You have to choose the wood pellets according to the type of meat you want to cook. The best-blended wood pellets flavour in my recommendations are:

  • Mesquite wood pellets
  • Hickory wood pellets
  • Cherry and Applewood pellets
  • Pecan wood pellets

Mesquite Wood Pellets:

If you want to have a prominent flavour of smoke in your final product, the mesquite wood pellets will be your first choice. The mesquite wood pellets come with a strong odour of smoke and will give your grill an extraordinary charm. The pellet pit can reduce the smell of smoke according to your taste. I have found the pellets best for the smoker grill.

Hickory wood pellets:

These pellets are most probably used in BBQs. These pellets produce a strong smell but not more than mesquite wood can use the hickory wood pellets in combination with mild apple and oak wood pellets. These pellets will reduce the strong odour of hickory.

Cherry and Applewood pellets:

These wood pellets are in the third number in my recommendations. I am using these two flavours interchangeably. Most probably I will prefer cherry wood pellets, as they give mild smoke and a nice colour to the meat. 

Pecan wood pellets:

Last but not least, I will prefer these due to the mild smell of pecan that will give a new way to your cooking. The pecan wood pellets are loved due to the mixture of vanilla and nutty. Use the mixture of cherry and pecan and produce a new flavour of your own. The mellow mixture of pecan and cheery is amazing. It will give the smoke of pecan and flavour of cherry.

Final Words:

Whether you are going to make the wood pellets from a pellet mill or want to make them at home, must add these flavours. Use the wood pellets in outdoor cooking activities and enjoy them. Reduce the harmful gases from the environment by using wood pellets.

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