The Differences Between Kalita Wave, Hario v60, and Chemex

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Coffee has tremendous demand over its lovers, and most of them can’t resist making it their part of the routine. There have been so many coffee shop businesses coming up, and people are going crazy over it. Starbucks, Barista, and Cafe Coffee Day have become favorite spots for teenagers and youngsters. The market is hitting up with new different coffee flavors, but it is too expensive for everyone to afford. The new plug-in brewers are a great way to escape to have your daily latte for cheap. These are much more affordable, easy to use, and more advanced than the old coffee machines. Pour-over coffee making has become more popular in recent years.  A well-made cup of pour-over coffee will surely change your day. This article will discuss the difference between Kalita wave, Hario v60, and Chemex to better your coffee experience. Stay tuned for the honest reviews of chemex vs hario vs kalita.

The pour-over coffee brewer became popular many years ago, even before the launch of kitchen appliances. The jump from manual to electric Pour over brewer was vast. But the only loophole with this was, they were designed to function the same for every bean. This is why Starbucks tastes different from roadside coffee as it deals with lots of variables from roasting the beans to grinding the size, water temperature, and brew time. With time the market has been flooded with too many designs, but if you have experimented a lot, you know that these three are the best. To learn more about it, you can visit

Hario V60: 

The Hario V60 is one of the most ironic pour-overs made by the famous Japanese company into heat-resistant glassware. The company has been known for its outstanding products since 1921. The pour-over needs to be handled with a careful technique, a timer, paper filters, and a gooseneck kettle but delivers you the most delicious coffee if appropriately made. You can also experiment with specific flavors depending on the brew of coffee. They are available in glass, copper, plastic, and ceramic. They make the coffee grind like an acceptable salt and have a chronic design. This shape of filters helps in extracting the coffee to deliver a clean, bright cup. You can find this on Amazon at the Starting price of just $20! Make sure to buy this if you have great patience and love to enjoy the making process.

Kalita Wave: 

If you are looking for a coffee without sophistication, this might be the right choice for you. This product is also manufactured by a Japanese brand and is famous for coffee equipment. The makers launched this product to match the demand in the market for easy use and hassle-free dippers. It doesn’t require any specific skills; all you just need is a kettle and scale. These are available in two sizes of stainless steel. The grinder gives you a little coarser than the table salt. The only con is its inaccurate water pouring, which requires skill, and the filters are not readily available in the market. There are also some flavors that tend to be muted. This is recommended for those who want to follow up with the same routine every day. One can find this on Amazon for $38 


Chemex got into the market in 1940 and was launched by an American Chemist. This was the era when most Americans used to have burnt percolator coffee. The idea behind its launch was to make the brewing process simple without any extra accessories. This product made its excellence through all ages and is known for its unique thick filters, which absorb most oil. The model acts as a great display to the kitchen and has won numerous awards for it. This glass material is available with a glass handle and can be found easily in grocery stores. The thick filters make the water’s process slow down, making it perfect for making leaf tea. It is affordable in price from $35-$50 depending on capacity size. The device usually works best with the lighter roasts and is best for those who want to have their coffee multiple times a day.


Every machine has its unique quality, which may suit the taste or lifestyle of a person. So choose the right one depending on your wants and preference!

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