The Different Breeds Of Protection Dogs And How To Choose One

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Protection dogs, also known as guard dogs, or watchdogs, simply refers to dogs used to guard homes, buildings, and properties against unwanted intruders. There are many different types and breeds of guard dogs you can always get. Here are some of the most popular ones;

Australian Shepherd

This is a medium-sized, Aussie dog, both stunning in appearance and brave. These dogs are mostly found in ranches or homesteads. They are great when it comes to herding and make great family companions and pets.

Dobernman Pinscher 

These are sleek-body dogs, beautiful and cuddly. Their beautiful looks could easily fool you. But, they are strong, brave, and fast. This makes them the perfect breed and type to protect your home. They also need a lot of exercise to stay fit so be ready for long runs and walks. 

German Shepherd

These are the most popular, not only protection dogs but also pets. They are also the most common types you will find as police dogs. They are loyal and tend to create the strongest bonds with their owners.


These are super gentle with their owners but super intimidating when it comes to strangers and intruders. They are fast, loyal, and strong, besides being a normal pet to the family. Some training goes a long way as far as making them your guard dog.


Don’t mistake this for a cute giant stuffed toy. They are stocky and curly detailed, making them look beautiful, approachable, and cuddly. They could be very playful, social, and silly around their owners. But they make the best protection dogs against strangers. 

How To Choose The Best Protection Dogs

With the many options to choose from, you could be stuck at which protection dog to go for. Here are some factors to consider while choosing the best guard dog for your home;

The Why

The first thing you have to put into thought is why you need the dog. The primary reason is obviously to protect you, your family, and your property, but what else? Are you threatened and your safety compromised? In this case, you will be able to determine if you need a trained guard dog.

Research On Different Breeds

Now that you know why you need a guard dog, the next step is to research different breeds. You want to be informed of their features, their behaviors, and habits, how to feed, clean, and take care of them, and generally what to expect. 

Your Ability And Capacity To Take Care Of them

Dogs are not just another animal on the streets or the bushes. They are treated more like children and will depend on you to take care of them. This includes keeping them in a good environment, feeding them at the right times, making sure they are clean, and so much more. You need to ask yourself, are you able to handle that? 

The Size And Age Of The Dog

This is especially important if you are looking to train your dog yourself. Dogs are best trained when they are still young. Puppies are easy to follow commands and teach how to obey. Train them to socialize early and how to discern between passers-by, owners, and intruders or threats. 

The Dogs To Avoid

While most dogs would make great protection dogs, there are those that you really wouldn’t like to have to deal with. Check out features of different dogs and how they behave. Some dogs have suitable temperaments for protection dogs, others don’t. This could be because they are not as fast, are too friendly even around strangers, or don’t bark as much.

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