The Different Types of Mushrooms and Why You Should Try Them

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If you are looking for rich vitamins in n vitamins, boost your immune system, and generally keep you active. You should most definitely visit Rekemend and try out their mushroom based supplements. They come in different tablets, with different flavors and a blend of a variety of mushrooms.

According to research, there are at least more than 10 000 edible mushrooms globally, all of which come with their benefits. You can get shrooms dispensary online and experience its benefits to your health.Here are some of the different types of mushrooms and why you should consume them daily;

  • Maitake Mushroom

They are also called hen of the woods, sheep’s head, and ram’s head. Maitake has been wildly popular ever since ancient Japanese times. They grow at the base of trees, especially the oak tree, mostly found through summer to the beginning of autumn and native to North America, China, and Europe.

It is packed with vitamins and minerals and has multiple health benefits; they are famous for having anti-cancer properties, help control blood sugar, high blood pressure, have chemicals and substances that help fight tumors and boost immunity, and more. 

  • Reishi

Reishi is another popular type of mushroom, primarily known for its properties to support the body’s immune system. They have also known to have anti-cancer properties and fight cancer. Other health benefits of Reishi include slowing down tumor growth and protects the body against other chronic diseases such as stroke and heart diseases.

Other studies have shown that it has chemicals that may help with stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, lessen fatigue, boost energy levels, improve moods, and more. The mushroom has a mild taste, but if you still don’t like it or don’t get to eat as much, you can still take the supplement and equally enjoy the health benefits. 

  • White Button

The white button has popularly known for its packed nutrients and minerals. They include digestive enzymes and vitamin B, and D, among other nutrients. They are also low in calories and packed with proteins. These make them an excellent option for those who take plant-based diets. 

Studies have also shown them to contain an anti-cancer substance known as conjugated linoleic and can help fight cancer. They also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and have anti-tumor compounds. You can also get tablet supplements for extra health benefits. 

  • King Trumpet

King Trumpet mushroom has a firm and meaty taste and feels with a mild flavor. They are a healthy meat substitute and a great option with packed minerals, proteins, and vitamins if you are not a fan of meat. You can also take them in supplement form if you are the kind of person who doesn’t eat. They are also great for supporting healthy cholesterol levels. 

  • Turkey Tail Mushroom

Clinical trials and studies from Asia have shown that the turkey tail is great for rebuilding the immune system for people who have undergone cancer treatment of different types. They also have anti-bacterial agents and help prevent chronic diseases and conditions such as tumors.

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