The Importance of Having a Clean House

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Let’s be honest, the continuous ritual of putting things away, dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing and shining is not anyone’s idea of a fun time. Then there comes the time for spring cleaning when you need to remove excess furniture, junk and other unwanted household items. Often too much to just put in the bin, it often gets delayed. There are ways to take control of this rubbish removal yourself, which can be daunting, but there are also professionals that will do it for you.

As tedious as the chore of cleaning house can be, making an effort to keep things tidy is extremely important to maintaining both mental and physical health. Find out a few reasons why it's important to have a clean home and a few practical ways to accomplish this! #home #house #clean

Below are a few reasons why it is important to have a clean home as well as a few practical ways in which to do so.

Regular housekeeping kills germs: Germs can suppress the immune system and cause you to become sick often. These sick-causing germs like to live on the surfaces of the home. Almost everything you do can create germs in the house – touching doorknobs and countertops, taking off your shoes, scratching your hair, using the toilet, and eating your dinner can create germs. However, by continuously cleaning your home with a quality disinfectant, you can kill up to 98 percent of the daily germs and help keep your family healthy. For a good vacuum, check out the Roomba 675 review page!

Improves the quality of the indoor air: According to the American Lung Association, poor indoor air quality can trigger disorders such as allergies and asthma as well as other breathing problems. The air in the home can become degraded from accumulated dust bunnies, mildew and animal dander.

Enhances the aesthetics of the home: A clean and organized home is a beautiful home. Organization forces you to focus on the qualities of the house. Instead of looking at piles of clutter and a sink full of dishes, your focus will go to your beautiful furniture and shiny appliances.

Improves mental clarity and deters stress: Keeping your home clean is one of the easiest ways to improve clarity and deter stress. Walking into a filthy house can instantly put you in a funk of a mood, and piles of clutter and disorganization can trigger brain fog and depression.

Saves time: A lot of time is wasted looking for things that have been misplaced somewhere in the home. Cleaning the house often and creating organization can curb some of that wasted time and using a place like Carpet Cleaning Fort Myers allows you to focus your time somewhere else with someone else doing the dirty work!

5 Practical Ways to Keep your House Clean:

Focus on one area: We all live busy lives, therefore, it might be more practical to focus on one area of the home at a time to deep-clean while keeping the rest of the house casually tidy. For example, you can designate Sundays, as the day to clean your swimming pool. A robotic pool cleaner such as Dolphin Quantum can be a good option for deep and efficient cleaning for your pool. Mondays as the day to vacuum the bedrooms and dust the furniture and Wednesdays can be the day to focus on washing the floors and scrubbing the bathtub. Don’t forget outside! Using Pressure Coach, you can pressure wash your house with the most powerful electric pressure washer.

Get the family involved: Unless you live by yourself, there should be no reason why the responsibility of keeping the house clean should fall solely on you. Get your family involved by issuing chore lists and also by creating cleanliness-routines such as putting the toilet seat down, cleaning up toys and taking the trash out.

Outsource: Outsourcing some of the housekeeping duties a few times a month can be a huge time saver. Additionally, hiring professional carpet cleaners will ensure that your home is getting the quality deep clean that it needs.

Create functional organization: Organization is an absolute must when it comes to keeping the home clean. To deter clutter, you should invest in a variation of stylish storage furniture pieces such as cubbies with coat hooks for the mud room, book shelves, and storage-ottomans to hide-a-way the blankets. Additionally, you should sell/donate everything that you no longer use and purchase storage bins to store items that you do not immediately use.

Pre-clean: The idea of pre-cleaning refers to the effort of keeping the home clean by not making a mess. Some examples of pre-cleaning are to put your keys, phone and mail in a neat, designated area and hanging up your purse and coat on the coat rack as soon as you get in. Also, you can pre-clean by tackling your documents before they accumulate into piles and washing the dishes as soon as you create it.

Keeping your home clean and organized doesn’t have to be as frightening as you may be making it. Once you create a practical cleaning routine, purchase a few storage essentials and outsource sporadically, your house will never be messy again.

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  1. It is really hard for me to keep my house clean at time because most of the time I am the only one doing it when it come to deep clean my house husband and daughter may help but the only pick up things around and for them that means it is clean!! ???

    • From experience, skip the marathoning. Don’t let mess get bad so it needs a deep clean then spend hours cleaning. If you do 10-20minutes a day doing obvious messes, it gets clean really fast and stays that way.

  2. Very well said of the importance of keeping your home clean. It really benefits us in so many ways. A clean house is important for the health and well-being of your entire family. First of all, a dirty house is a germy house, and the best defense against the spread of illnesses is to keep the germs washed away. The well being of the family is enhanced by an uncluttered atmosphere.

  3. Thanks for sharing this article. I really like how you mentioned how maintaining a cleaning house improves the quality of the air we take in. Especially people with asthma and the elderlies. Having a clean house is a must! We have our carpets washed every 9-12 months and it feels great.

  4. It is so important to be clean and tidy, as it helps to create a good surrounding around you as well as a positive vibe within yourself. But due to our busy work schedule, we lack time and cannot concentrate on house cleaning and other household work too.
    To combat this problem,ONATA is there to help you with all your bis and small issues, which can be resolved by your own neighbours. To know more about it, visit

  5. Thank you for this post. I definitely needed more advise on how to keep my house clean and fresh.

  6. Very helpful. You give good starting points.


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