THE INCREDIBLES 2 Is Officially In Theaters! #Incredibles2

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I am so excited to announce that Incredibles 2 is finally in theaters!! 

Starting today, you can see what Bob, Helen, Violet, Dash and baby Jack-Jack have been up to since the first Incredibles released 14 years ago!

Riley and I got to go to a prescreening of Incredibles 2 on Monday and let me tell you – it was just that – incredible! It was definitely worth the wait, and I love how they acknowledged how long we had been waiting for the sequel at the very beginning of that movie. I thought that was great. Overall, it is a film that you are going to love. I honestly don’t know which one I liked most, the first one or this one. And Incredibles has always been a favorite movie of mine!  To celebrate the release, here is one of my favorite clips from the movie:

Here are a few fun facts about the movie from Disney-Pixar:
  • For both The Incredibles and Incredibles 2, filmmakers studied real-life babies to capture baby Jack-Jack’s movements.
  • All of the original characters were enhanced for “Incredibles 2” due to advances in technology that allowed filmmakers to achieve the looks they originally designed. Frozone’s upgrades included an admirable set of ab muscles.
  • The design of billionaire businessman Winston Deavor went through many iterations before filmmakers determined that the character’s determination and drive was reflective of a shark. Winston’s look took on sharp angles, and the slant of his forehead resembles a shark fin. He even wears a sharkskin suit.
  • Artists designed a new home for the Parr family, whose house was destroyed at the end of the first film. But story changes called for a much bigger, much more extravagant home for the Parrs, so designers went back to the drawing board, creating a 38,000 square-foot house that features multiple rooms, unusual architectural features, over-the-top gadgets, water features and a floor that moves like a sliding puzzle.
  • Oscar®-winning composer Michael Giacchino returns to the world of the Incredibles with a new score for “Incredibles 2.” His memorable score for “The Incredibles” is perhaps even more memorable since it was his first-ever feature-film score.

I highly recommend going with the family this weekend to see Disney-Pixar’s The Incredibles 2! Then come home and print out these fun coloring and activity sheets to keep the fun going! And don’t forget to let me know, either here on the blog or on social media, how you and your family liked the movie!

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Incredibles 2 is in theaters everywhere now!

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