The Making of a Memorable Road Trip

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Road trips are truly therapeutic. Driving in one’s own vehicle with all the people who are as happy and excited about this trip as you are, listening to your favourite music and sightseeing can be truly enchanting. It would be an understatement if one says that it is the best way of travel in this time of a raging pandemic. An independent travelling space for those who want a respite from restrictions and monotony of everyday life. The ability to just get up and drive and the sheer uncertainty and unpredictability make road trips an all-time favourite.

Road trips can be a delight for people who love to have a closer look at wherever they are travelling. Budget is the obvious determinant of the place and time to travel.

So what would make any road trip memorable?


Eating the local food will be once in a lifetime experience for any traveller. Local tastes are always different from what they are projected at a commercial level. Road trips are a perfect way to experience the local food.

Living at a local motel or a bread and breakfast place could be a totally different experience from living at some renowned starred hotel. This increases the chances of having different and new experiences for any traveller.


There are so many times during a road trip when one sees the most beautiful of landscapes and there is no way of staying near such locales. Cars could be used to camp and sleep in such places. Camping knives can be used to get and cut wood for setting up a campfire. Bring along some packed food or demonstrate your cooking skills to make it all the more a memorable experience.

Always remember to use Google Maps, for camping at a secluded place can be dangerous. Without Google Maps, there is always a risk of getting lost in unknown places.  


The person you are travelling with adds to every experience during a road trip. A travel mate’s participation in planning is always helpful. On the contrary, a travel mate who will not be interested in the same things as you are will be a liability throughout the trip. You will always end up pleasing the other person. After all, you will be staying together for a long period of time in the same vehicle.


Make a list of the places you want to stop by to explore while having a road trip. It is logically impossible to explore and stop by each and every place on the way. Know the rules of travelling in that place. Also, look for travel advisories on government sites and news channels for the place you want to road travel to.


Make sure the phone service you are using has good network coverage in the areas you will be travelling. Look for reviews online to check for their network coverage. A mobile phone will be the only and most useful means of communication when travelling by road. Make sure electronic gadgets are fully charged and do not forget to carry a power bank with you.  

A well-planned road trip through scenic landscapes is every traveller’s delight. Such a trip will be successful and memorable only when well planned and all standard operating procedures followed especially when  we are still reeling from a pandemic. Road trips have the distinction of giving unprecedented thrill because of their unpredictable nature and rightly so.

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