The Must-See Places to Visit in Iceland

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Among the most significant considerations while planning for a vacation is picking a suitable destination. You need a place with a combination of interests that makes you tick. From the adrenaline rush, rich culture, fantastic cuisine to mention a few, a destination needs to offer an exciting experience to make it an ideal vacation choice.

While choosing a vacation destination, however, you need to factor in your budget as well. The good news is, with sites such as, you can find late deals for a pocket-friendly vacation. You can, for instance, find late deals while vacationing in Iceland, allowing you to explore more and create unforgettable moments. Among the top vacation sites in Iceland includes;


From the usual touristy things to unique and breathtaking locations, Reykjavik offers an extensive collection to choose from. You can start by learning Iceland’s rich history spanning over a thousand years by touring the National Museum of Iceland and go the extra mile by checking out the Settlement Exhibition.

If you have a taste for the uncommon sites, then geothermal spas is a must-visit. You also get a chance to quench your adrenaline rush as well as bask in natural wonders such as the Golden Falls, Thingvellir National Park, to mention a few. With its magical splendor, Reykjavik’s Old Harbor is another excellent site, especially if you brought your camera for striking photos of the Sun Voyager statue, the surrounding mountains without forgetting the Harpa concert hall. Other must-see places in Reykjavik include aurora borealis or northern lights, Blue Lagoon, Hallgrímur’s Church, and Golden Circle, to mention a few.


Among the most remarkable sites to visit in Pingvellir is Almannagja. This is the point that marks the Mid-Atlantic Rift. The scenic view of the rift marks the space between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, and if you take your time to explore the area, you can spot both cliffs marking the ends of the continents.

The narrow valleys spotted on Almannagja are as a result of the tectonic plates’ movements as they slowly pull away. With their crystal clear spring water, they offer an excellent diving and snorkeling opportunity. Among other must-visit sites in Pingvellir include Þingvallavatn, Budhir (Búðir), Þingvellir church (Þingvallakirkja), and Althing (Alþingi) among others.


Among top Iceland’s crown jewels is Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. It is Iceland’s deepest lake, spanning a depth of over 200 meters. As it connects with the ocean, the Lagoon is composed of fresh and seawater, giving it a unique and exciting color. With lots of seals, especially on the Lagoon’s mouth, the spot is photo-perfect scenery.

While touring Jokulsarlon, the visit can’t be complete without exploring Fjallsarlon and Diamond Beach. Diamond Beach gets its name from the diamond-like appearance resulting from glistering icebergs that sits on the beach, having floated around Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon.


With its biological diversity and incredible landscapes, Myvatn offers an exciting experience. While Myvatn Lake is the primary highlight, the surrounding area spots breathtaking jagged, rocky lava fields, not to mention the lush green fields and diverse wildlife, especially birds. The region came to life as a result of lava eruption over 2000 years ago, and it continues to be a sight of active volcanism. You will spot lava pillars and pseudocraters, an incredible sight that makes the landscape unique. Among the must-see sites in Myvatan includes the lava field, geothermal area, steaming lava, and Hverfjall crater.

National Park Skatafell

Have you ever walked on a Glacier? Well, National Park Skafell is your go-to vacation destination for such a fantastic experience. Coupled with excellent hiking trails, mountain climbing experience, and breathtaking waterfalls, your tour to National Park Skatafell offers a chance to create memorable moments. Among the must-visit sites in the region includes Crystal Ice Cave, Into the Glacier, and explore Svartifoss Waterfall, to mention a few.

From the exciting landscapes, rich culture, and amazing cuisine, your tour to Iceland can’t disappoint. Moreover, with a keen eye, you can easily spot late deals to ensure your vacation doesn’t break your bank.

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