The Snake Diet: Is Rapid Weight Loss Healthy?

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More and more people today are trying to shed their pounds as fast as possible, opting for rapid weight loss diets. One of such programs is the Snake Diet developed by self-proclaimed fasting expert Cole Robinson. According to the proponents of this diet, you can lose weight substantially while detoxifying your body as you stick to it. Read below to understand how is rapid weight loss on the Snake Diet possible and which health risks it entails. 

What is the Snake Diet?

This is an extreme variation of intermittent fasting, which resembles a snake’s fasting lifestyle. First, you’re supposed to fast for a 48-hours period and then eat for 1-2 hours. Your body has to enter the ketosis state, when the human body burns fat instead of glucose. After that, you have to fast for 72 hours in order to «detoxify» the liver. Then, you have to fast for 48-96 hours with 1-2-hour break for eating until you reach your weight loss goal. In fact, according to Robinson, you have to consume 3500 calories in the first week, while 16 800 calories for women and 21 000 calories for men are recommended by USDA. As you can see, the crux of the Snake Diet is drastic calorie reduction. However, diets focusing on extreme calorie reduction entail a number of serious health risks. 

How the Snake Diet harms your body

  1. Detox diets are proven to be ineffective in purging any contaminants from the body, so the liver-cleaning claim of the Snake diet is unsubstantiated 
  2. It does not replenish your body with foods required for normal functioning: long-term fasting causes serious health problems 
  3. It can lead to extreme nutrient deficiencies, dehydration, and eating disorder
  4. It can cause dizziness, fatigue, headaches and general weakness. 
  5. You will regain your weight after stopping sticking to the Snake Diet

To sum up, the Snake Diet is very dangerous for your body and is not recommended to follow. Instead, opt for plans that encourage steady weight loss like the Mediterranean or the Thermo Diet. 


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