The Top Benefits of Getting Your Cat Pet Insurance

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If you are the proud pet owner of a cute and cuddly cat, congratulations!

Cat Pet Insurance

Cats provide us with so much joy. They are loyal and low-maintenance pets that can brighten our day by just a little purr or cuddle under our arm. Especially with the stressful times, the last two years have provided us all with, owning a cat is a great way to enhance our own wellbeing and provide company during a time of so much isolation.

Owning a cat is always an adventure in itself, as they are incredibly independent animals who are capable of fending for themselves. But with this independence comes the risk of something happening to our cat. What are you supposed to do if they get sick or get in an accident?

While the majority of us understand the benefits of having our own health insurance, not enough pet owners prioritize getting pet insurance for their cats! This can end up leaving you with very big medical expenses or worse, having your time cut short with your beloved cat.  

So when going through your to-do list of everything you need to prepare to get ready to welcome your cat into your home, make sure to add getting the best pet insurance for cats to the top of the list. It will save you both money and heartache!

To further support this, we have rounded up the top benefits that come with getting your cat pet insurance.

Less Stress About Finances

While the joy a cat brings is priceless, their medical bills can get expenses! In fact, did you know that the average pet owner is faced with at least a $1,000 medical bill each year? While you could of course put aside money in a savings account for these unexpected expenses, studies show that not even half of pet owners end up with enough savings to cover these costs. So by getting pet insurance, you will give yourself and your bank account instant peace of mind that you won’t be overwhelmed with medical bills for your cat—no matter what.

Have the Ability to Prolong Their Life

Cats have nine lives, but they won’t live forever! In fact, too many cats end up having to end their life early because they develop cancer or other chronic illnesses. With pet insurance, you will be able to take a proactive approach to protect your cat’s health. That means that they will be covered for a range of health issues that could spiral if not treated sooner. From dental diseases to behavioral issues, taking a proactive approach to your cat’s health is a great way to get to have them with you for longer. And having pet insurance makes this all the more affordable.

Allow them to Get Frequent Check-Ups

Visits to the veterinarian aren’t ever cheap, even if for a simple health check-up. However, when you have pet insurance. You will be able to get reimbursed for these visits and never have to second guess whether or not to schedule them an appointment. Pet insurance will reimburse you for a range of services like screenings, neutering, vaccines, dental cleaning and flea prevention! The ability to schedule frequent check-ups for your pet will also allow the veterinarian to catch any developing issues that can be treated and even reversed if caught early enough. Knowing you will get your money back is one of the best reasons to get pet insurance.

Empower your Vet to Do their Job

Did you know that many veterinarians end up not being able to perform all the services they are trained in to help your cat because pet owners are fearful they won’t be able to actually afford it? With pet insurance, your veterinarian will be able to do everything they can to help your cat without having to wait and have uncomfortable financial discussions with you first. This way, you never have to end up choosing finances over your cat!

Let Your Cat Roam Free

Cats are born to be adventurous. They have the instinct to hunt, roam the woods and be ferocious. But with that always comes risk and worry from the pet owner that something bad might happen just from cats being themselves. When you have pet insurance though, you can let them roam freely with confidence and not have to fret over something bad happening to them that you can’t afford to fix.

With so many benefits that come from having pet insurance, why wouldn’t you take out the very best coverage option?

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