The 3 Top Benefits Of Using A CO2 System In Your Planted Aquarium

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Keeping a planted aquarium tank can become challenging, especially if you don’t know how to cultivate live plants there. Thus, if you have a planted fish tank in your house, you should realize how carbon dioxide supplementation can help your plants to grow. 

Although some of them can thrive in gravel, this alone might not be sufficient to maintain a planted tank. This is where a CO2 system enters the picture.  

What’s A CO2 System For Planted Aquarium?

Primarily, a CO2 system for planted aquarium refers to a system that can help reproduce the supply of carbon dioxide in the water for your live plants. It involves several methods used to maintain the carbon dioxide levels in the water to provide your plants the right amount that they need. 

Below are the different types of CO2 system you can choose from:

  • Manual System – This uses fermentation products to supply carbon dioxide in the water. For instance, the CO2 is produced after the yeast has been fermented and kept in a separate bottle. This bottle will be connected to your tank, and the diffuser will release the CO2. 
  • Semi-Automatic System – This requires a specific setup to make sure it’ll properly function. A tube will be used to connect the CO2 tank into the water, where the gas travels to the aquarium. The carbon dioxide system will automatically open the valve for the gas using a timer. 
  • Fully Automatic System – This also requires a setup, but instead of being a timed system, it gauges the amount of carbon dioxide in the water. If there’s so much gas in it, the system automatically adjusts the CO2 levels to ensure your plants’ health. 

As you can see, there are many options you can use for your planted fish tank. But, if you want to know which aquarium CO2 system is best for your needs, do some research by reading reviews online. 

How Can A CO2 System Benefit Your Planted Aquarium?

Now that you know what a carbon dioxide system is, it’s time to explore the essential benefits of using this for your planted fish tank. 

Here’s how a CO2 system can be beneficial: 

  1. You Get A Healthy Fish 

Just like other animals, fish also need carbon dioxide to survive. Typically, having too much or too little of this gas can harm them and, in extreme cases, can cause death. When the tank is filled with excessive carbon dioxide, the pH balance will be affected and might cause your fish to be sick or die. 

Because of this, you need the help of a CO2 system to regulate the levels of carbon dioxide in the water. Fortunately, there are systems that can detect the amount of CO2 circulating inside the planted tank. So, choose the best one to reduce the effects of excessive or little carbon dioxide on some of the most popular species of aquarium fish you have. 

  1. You Keep Your Plants Healthy

In an aquarium, live plants aren’t only decorations to your tank. It has essential functions, such as providing the fish a place to hide and being a supplemental source of food for your fish. Hence, it’s vital to keep these plants healthy all the time. 

Generally, these plants rely on the CO2 produced by the fish for survival. However, too much or little of this gas can impact plant life. If they lack carbon dioxide, their leaves and stems can become pale. Aside from becoming unhealthy, the plants will not be able to provide the right nutrients needed by the fish. 

To make sure your plants are healthy for your fish’s survival, consider setting up a CO2 system anytime soon. 

  1. Control The Growth Of Algae

One of the biggest risks for fish in the aquarium is the growth of algae because it creates an unhealthy environment for them. Too many algae in the tank can cause diseases to the fish and the plants. Unfortunately, excessive carbon dioxide can increase algae’s growth, which is harmful to your sea creatures. 

For this reason, using a CO2 system can be an excellent idea. It can help regulate the amount of carbon dioxide in the water, thereby controlling the growth of algae in your planted fish tank. 

Bottom Line

With the information presented above, it’s no question why using a CO2 system is essential in helping all parts of your planted fish tank to thrive. 

However, it’s crucial to note that all systems are unique from one another. So, if you want to get the perfect one for your needs, start your research and contact reliable dealers of the carbon dioxide system in your area.

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