The 3 Top Benefits Of Using A CO2 System In Your Planted Aquarium

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Keeping a planted aquarium tank can become challenging, especially if you don’t know how to cultivate live plants there. Thus, if you have a planted fish tank in your house, you should realize how carbon dioxide supplementation can help your plants to grow. 

Although some of them can thrive in gravel, this alone might not be sufficient to maintain a planted tank. This is where a CO2 system enters the picture.  

What’s A CO2 System For Planted Aquarium?

Primarily, a CO2 system for planted aquarium refers to a system that can help reproduce the supply of carbon dioxide in the water for your live plants. It involves several methods used to maintain the carbon dioxide levels in the water to provide your plants the right amount that they need. 

Below are the different types of CO2 system you can choose from:

  • Manual System

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