The Ultimate Guide-How to Become a Stripper?

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Want to become a stripper?

Stripping can be an extremely lucrative career choice, and as long as you have the right qualities, attitude, and mindset and work smart, then you can earn a boatload of cash.

One more thing that you should know is it’s not a part-time job, so it may eat up a lot of your time. If your character is hurting on cash, this is an excellent way to earn a salary without a college education.

But, becoming a stripper is not easy. Many talented, sexy women (and men!) have failed to make it in the stripping game.

You probably hear, ‘dress how you want to be addressed?’ but as a stripper, you are not exempt from that standard rule. Your appearance is what forms a massive part of how people value you. You have to wear a stripper costume to express your appearance.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to become a stripper.

Stripper dress

Finding the Right Club

The primary and leading thing that you should consider is looking for the right club. Quickly, you can go through the internet to find the best clubs. It’s a great idea to take one or two weeks and go around town such as Melbourne to scope out the places you’re considering auditioning for. Different clubs have different rules. So, consider all the things. You don’t need to work in a club where the girls could be harmed or not treated respectfully.

There Are Three Types Of Strip Clubs:

  • Upscale Strip Clubs: This type of club is part of a chain of clubs. And this is the reason that the rules and regulations here are strictly allowed. Upscale Strip Clubs have dress codes, and you are often expected to wear a long gown with lingerie during the evening. Plenty of money can be made by the dancers, and ladies are encouraged to push for more when with clients.
  • Neighborhood Strip Clubs: These types of clubs attract local clients, depending on the location. If you want to become a stripper, this is usually an excellent place to start.
  • Third Tier or Dive Bars: A dive bar is typically a small, unglamorous, eclectic, old-style bar with inexpensive drinks. These types of clubs are usually located in very rural areas.

Assemble Your Wardrobe

If you feel shy, then this step is most important to your career towards becoming a stripper. Nowadays, stripper dresses are like a second skin. It is necessary to know that people rate you on your personalized style and general appearance. In the stripper world, exotic dancewear is a nonverbal way of communicating. And the right clothes could send signals about how you want the world to see and relate with you. This is why it is essential to take time to figure out what to wear as a stripper. Search exotic clothing stores near me, and you can find stripper-wear in catalogs, porn stores, and various places online.

 Clothes That You Should Buy

  • Naughty adult lingerie (corsets, teddies, garters, body stockings, and hosiery)
  • Skimpy bikini
  • Sexy heels and platform-boots
  • Sexy stockings

Be Confident

Stripping is about being SEDUCTIVE, not being a slut. Being a slutty stripper is cheap and easy. Being seductive takes the right mindset. Give yourself a little credit, you have a job where people pay to see you dance, and at most legit clubs, the patrons cannot touch you! If you are a beginner in a stripper job or one who wants to become one, remember to Keep It Simple and DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF!

Planning Your Auction

The most crucial thing is to practice your routine before you show up for a club audition. All you have to do-

  • Wear your exotic clothes along with the heels. It’s challenging to perform simultaneously in high-heels in your daily routine. But you know practice makes the man perfect.

Pro Tip* During practice, record your performance and explore it once you do. It will help you see what you should look for and the area you need to improve.

  • Only practice is not necessary. Choosing the right music also plays a vital role in your stripper journey. Find a song that fits each category that you like and know well and develop a basic routine.

Pro-Tip* If you are a beginner or haven’t practiced them beforehand, stay away from pole tricks. If you want to, then first practice easier moves or take online pole dance classes in your free time.

Here you go! I hope the essential guide above will help you become a stripper. Now let us introduce you to the advanced things.

What Are the Responsibilities Of a Stripper?

  • They have to work in a private event.
  • They perform on stage, dancing and performing acrobatic tricks on a pole.
  • Engage in conversations to encourage private sessions and repeat visits.

What Is a Working Schedule?

It depends upon you or the club you’re working for. You can fix your hours of working as little as you want. But evenings and weekends become the time to make the most money.

What about the Salary?

If you work in a club on a tip basis, your salary depends on the client’s tip. You may also be doing well, but the client may not tip you off or give you the most. As per labor data, strippers can make an average annual salary of $10 or $18 per hour.

Does education require Becoming A Stripper?

No formal higher education is required to become an exotic dancer. Percentage of exotic dancers or strippers as per their education:

  • Masters: 4.3%
  • College: 29%
  • High school 26.7%
  • Less than high school: 110.9%

What’s The Valid Age To Become A Stripper?

Well, it depends on what type of club you’ll be dancing at or where you live. Many clubs that don’t sell alcohol prefer the stripper of age 18, or who sell alcohol prefer age 19 to 24.

So, there you have it. Do try these out and start your stripper journey with complete knowledge and confidence.

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