The Vampire’s Gallery by Antoinette M– Review

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**WARNING: This review is about an erotic novel.**

The Vampire's Gallery by Antoinette M. Review | Optimistic Mommy

In Antoinette M–‘s new shorter book, The Vampire’s Gallery, you meet Maria. She lives off her friend’s sexual encounters until she comes across Jamie, who she meets while doing internet dating. Jamie invites Maria out for a beer and because she felt like they had a good connection, she invites him to her apartment after the bar. Guess what he tells her, though? That he’s going to kill her by sucking her blood because he’s a vampire. She makes one request before he takes her life, though.. she wants to have sex with him. And instead of killing her, he changes her into a vampire. She is now in a new world full of vampires, blood and sex. No one in Jamie’s world would have guessed he would have brought someone like her into his world, so it causes quite a stir in his home. Because of this she has to learn who she can trust and who she can’t.

This was a very short book, but I like having those sometimes. There is still plenty of details and great descriptions of scenery so you can still feel like you’re almost there where the characters are. I especially loved the sex scenes… they had great detail and lasted long enough but were not too short. I definitely recommend this book to someone who is looking for a good erotic novel, who likes vampires, and is looking for something short. It definitely will not disappoint!

You can buy The Vampire’s Gallery through Amazon and Smashwords.

Antoinette M– had a grubby childhood in the southern part of New Hampshire. She has always mainted a “cranky” and “Yankee” rhyme for a reason. Today, Antoinette writes smut. She live sin a crooked little house, with an awesome husband, and a very large dog. She enjoys reversing gender roles, playing with old stereotypes, and is currently working on the next installment of her series, The Vampire’s Gallery.

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Disclosure: I received a free ebook copy in return for my review. All opinions are 100% my own!

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