There’s Too Little Compassion & Too Much Bullying

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There's Too Much Compassion And Too Much Bullying In This World

While watching The Talk today I learned of what has been going on between Lady Gaga, her “Little Monsters”, and The Osbourne’s (as well as other celebrities). To give you a little background of what’s gone on (at least according to Sharon Osbourne as she talked about on the show today) while at one of the recent awards shows (I believe it was the People’s Choice Awards) Kelly Osbourne and Joan Rivers of Fashion Police were there and when they saw Lady Gaga on the red carpet Kelly made the comment “Don’t say anything bad about Lady Gaga because her Little Monsters will get you.” Apparently there’s been feuds between Kelly and Lady Gaga/the Little Monsters before (I have no idea what these were). Anyways, on Lady Gaga’s site (which is ran by her/her team) people started ripping into Kelly saying very terrible things. I’m not going to repeat them on here because there really is no need for it and they’re too hideous to even think about, honestly. These “Little Monsters” also said terrible things about Adele’s son (who the hell goes after a baby, seriously), Taylor Swift, and others.

Now I know that Lady Gaga has a foundation called the Born This Way Foundation that is supposed to be empowering the youth to be brave and not bully. So, it makes me very upset that on Lady Gaga’s site for her “Little Monsters” these people are saying these hideous, disgusting, bullying remarks. And that they are staying on the site. Sharon Osbourne reached out to Lady Gaga’s manager privately about these comments and nothing was said. Instead Lady Gaga made a public letter to Kelly. Calling Kelly the bully because of the show she on.

While I do not watch Fashion Police as I do not care much about what the stars are wearing, honestly, I kind of see Lady Gaga’s point. BUT what about the comments on the “Little Monsters” site? Wishing people would die and/or get raped? Why are those kind of comments even allowed to be posted on a website like that? I understand that you cannot control your fans, but you can release a statement to your fans because they hang on to every word Lady Gaga says, and tell them that they are not appropriate and are in no way spreading the message of compassion and humanity that Lady Gaga wants to get across. And someone should be patrolling this site and taking down any negative/harassing comments that are made and blocking these people from the site.

As a person who has been bullied (sadly in my adult years by other older adults who should know better), bullying is a huge issue with me. No one on this world deserves to be bullied in any way, shape or form. It’s so sad to hear about these children that get bullied every day at school who have committed suicide because they feel that there’s no one to turn to, or they have turned to someone and nothing was done or nobody believed them. There has been way too many suicides and too many people who have been killed because of bullying. Too many families destroyed.

There needs to be less bullying and more compassion in this world.

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  1. Bullying is really scary and it’s really irresponsible for these celebs to even encourage it. I don’t follow any of those mentioned in the post but do strongly feel that compassion is seriously lacking in the world nowadays.

  2. I agree.. .Lady Gaga should publicly recognize she does not endorse the comments made by “the little monsters,” by not doing so, in my opinion states she supports them. …”evil persists when good people do nothing.” So many people (kids and adults included) seem to have No filter of what hate they say out-loud or online. It was nice of you to point out this problem with celebrities, with any luck they will change their hateful ways.

    • Thank you for your comment. I couldn’t agree more. I love the quote “Evil persists when good people do nothing.” So perfect! I realize that celebrities are human, too, but since so many fans look up to people like Lady Gaga, she needs to state that she does not condone the comments her followers are making. It’s just not right.

  3. Thank you for posting this. If we dont’ stand up for this, we are sitting down and letting it happen.

  4. It does make her seem like a hypocrite, doesn’t it? Bullying is such a tough issue. Thank you for trying to bring attention to it.

  5. Why am I not surprised anymore? It’s sad, tragic and very much a part of today’s world, all this cyber bullying and ‘Holier than Thou” attitudes.

    It’s not going to change while faceless, nameless people have access to the world wide web:(

  6. I was doing research on bullying and had no clue that the statics would be so alarming. Almost all children are bullied at some point in their school career. I remember being bullied somewhat as a child as well, but I usually had the courage to tell an adult. Most children don’t have the courage to speak up and continue to be bullied. So sad.


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