TheWiSpy Review: Best Parental Control App for Kids

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Parental control apps are used to offer unique access to parents for monitoring kids. The primary purpose of parental control apps is to secure kids from online bullying and excessive internet usage. TheWiSpy is the best parental control app for kids that allow parents to filter out the content of what their kids watch on the internet and monitor their daily usage of digital devices. 

What is the TheWiSpy parental control app?

TheWiSpy is the best parental control app that lets parents monitor their kids’ online activities or phone activities anywhere and anytime with a few clicks. Parents are accessed with all the mobile data, including applications, call logs, SMS, web browsers, and they can control all the data via kid monitoring app TheWiSpy. Parents have to install TheWiSpy on the android phone on both personal and target phone to access all the data. Following are some necessary information/data that parents can access:

  • Allows parents to monitor calls, text messages and multimedia files on the target phone
  • Allows tracking live location, GPS from a remote location
  • Allows to record calls and voice messages 
  • Allows controlling screen time and data
  • Allows to block websites and applications remotely 

Secure your kid’s online activity through the best TheWiSpy parental control app:

Parents must set a screen limit and internet usage for their kid’s safety, but no matter how much parents nag, kids still use excessive screen time. It is unreal to monitor kids physically because, after all, parents have to work, and kids need to go to their schools. TheWiSpy has brought the solution for the worried parents in the form of the best parental control app; TheWiSpy app is used to monitor kid’s online activity from a remote area. Parents can install the TheWiSpy app on android devices and keep track of all digital and online activities anytime they want.

Kid’s security is compromised with excessive usage of the internet and technology; crimes like cyberbullying and internet threats affect mental health of children. Parents must keep an eye on kid’s online activity, and TheWiSpy is a child monitoring software that allows parents to keep track of the bullies so they can act on time. This act will save kids from life-threatening problems and keep them safe. Parents can secure their children from the harmful side effects of the internet and control the kids’ activity for a healthy lifestyle. 

Best parental control TheWiSpy app offers:

Indeed, there is a wide variety of child monitoring software in the market, but some parental controls can make a change. TheWiSpy is the best child monitoring app because it offers exceptional parental control tools that make monitoring more accessible and more advanced. Monitoring is tricky when it comes to a naïve user, but with an intelligent kids’ monitoring app, it becomes more superficial, and that is the case with TheWiSpy. TheWiSpy offers the following parental controls that let parents keep a good eye on their kid’s digital activity. 

  • Access to call log:

TheWiSpy allows parents to access call logs on their kid’s android smartphone. This parental control will allow parents to monitor incoming and outgoing calls as well as contact information. This feature is available at the main menu in the features option, and parents can block any unauthorized caller remotely using the TheWiSpy application. 

  • Access to text messages:

The TheWiSpy app allows text messages monitoring; this parental control will let parents read all text messages, including texting applications. The parents will be able to monitor the conversations and secure their kids from bullies and stalkers. This control also allows the parent to block any stalker from a remote area. 

  • Track kid’s live location:

It is tough to keep track of teen’s location when they are out with friends, and they won’t inform their parents on their own. It is risky and insecure, but TheWiSpy gives the parental control of tracking the kid’s live location. This feature will help parents always be up-to-date about the location, and parents can easily approach their kids in case of any dangerous situation. 

  • Control screen timing:

It is impossible to make the kids follow screen time schedules, but at the same time, it is essential to set a specific time for kid’s healthy lifestyle. TheWiSpy child monitoring software has made things easier for parents by allowing them control the screen timing. This control will enable parents to set screen time and monitor app activities accordingly.

  • Restrict application/game usage:

The gaming world has become highly addictive; kids are spending unusual time on their devices playing games or using social media apps. TheWiSpy is the best monitoring app because it offers parental control to restrict application/ gaming usage. Parents can now control their kid’s activity remotely and keeping them engages in real-time as well. 

  • Block websites:

TheWiSpy is the best parental monitoring app that allows parents to block unnecessary websites such as inappropriate websites or dangerous websites. This control will protect kids from extreme danger and lousy content. Not only parents are allowed to view the browsing history but also able to block websites. 

  • Monitor overall mobile activity:

TheWiSpy also allows comprehensive monitoring mobile activity of the target device. There are multiple features in the TheWiSpy child monitoring software that helps the parent keep an eye on daily digital activity. 


What is the best parental control app for kids?

TheWiSpy is the best parental control app for kids; although there are some options available for parental control apps, TheWiSpy can offer high compatibility at low prices. 

Is it possible to monitor specific apps from my kid’s phone?

Yes, it is possible. Parents can monitor specific apps such as Snapchat, Instagram and many more. TheWiSpy allows the parent to access the data of these apps and restrict the usage. 

Is my private data secured?

Yes, the user’s private data is 100% secured. Our privacy policy is firm, and we respect our user’s data. 

Is my kid capable of turning off parental control?

Yes, your kid can disable the parental control from the TheWiSpy app. 


It has become essential for parents to monitor their kids’ online activity on digital devices for their security purposes. TheWiSpy is the best parental control app for kids; it allows parents to control all the data and application of their kid’s device. The exceptional features, compatibility, and low pricing make TheWiSpy the number one choice of parental control app for parents worldwide.

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