5 Things Every Kid Learns (Or Should!) by High School

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What are the essential pieces of knowledge every kid learns by the time they reach high school? Here are the basics all kids need to know.

Did you know 30 percent of college students can’t boil an egg? That’s a pretty disheartening statistic.

You might be wondering if your child will fall victim to lacking necessary life skills. The good news is they don’t have to. Continue reading to learn five things every kid learns (or should learn) by high school.

Why Are These the Five Things Every Kid Learns?

By the time your child is ready to enter high school, they should have accumulated a lot of life skills. High school is basically the “boss level” of adolescence. Most basic self-care skills should have already been learned.

So why these five things every kid learns? Why are they so essential? The items listed below are the foundations of the most basic skills your child needs to survive as an adult.

Early education makes up the differences between young adults who thrive and those who don’t. By “early education,” we don’t only mean school, but also what they were taught at home.

1. Cooking at a Beginner’s Level

Every child entering high school should cook at a beginner’s level. They should know basic knife skills, how to boil water, and make non-cooked food items. Teaching children how to make a simple stir fry, sandwiches, and pasta are good choices.

2. Getting Back and Forth From School

Kids should be able to walk or bike to school and back home. This only applies to children who live within a certain radius of their school. If the school is too far away, children can be taught how to get back and forth from a nearby store.

3. Maintain a Calendar

Maintaining a calendar is an overlooked task that teaches a couple of skills. Children will be learning proper time management and responsibility for their own social lives.

What should your child be keeping on their calendars? A few great examples are extracurricular activities, birthday parties, and dances. They can also keep track of loved one’s birthdays and important anniversaries.

4. Essential Household Chores

Every child should be given responsibilities around the house. If you start young, your tween will already have the skills necessary for most essential household chores.

Preteens should be able to do laundry, dishes, vacuum, make beds, and care for pets. They might also be able to watch younger siblings for small stints while a parent is at home or nearby.

5. Basic Money Management

Knowing basic money management skills is one of the most essential things every kid learns or should learn. This goes beyond knowing how to save or spend. Children should also learn how to balance a checkbook.

Children can be guided through basic money management through chores. Many families give their children a few basic duties they aren’t paid for. If kids want to earn extra money, they can accept additional tasks to earn cash.

Do You Want More Information on Healthy Child Development?

There are many skills children should learn before entering high school. The five skills above will create a solid foundation of life skills your child needs for success as an adult.

Do you want more information on skills every kid learns or other healthy child development topics? Check out our other blog posts.

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