Things Every Makeup Junkie Should Have

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Makeup isn’t just a tool that we use to beautify ourselves or to draw attention to our best features. Makeup application is and has always been, a way of expressing yourself through art with your face as your canvas. You might still be figuring out the perfect daily makeup routine, or you might be looking for essential items that you should pack with you as you go. If you’re still testing the waters with your makeup skills and don’t know where to start, check out our list of essential items that every makeup junkie should have.

A Good Set of Brushes 

While you don’t need a complete set of brushes for your makeup routine, you should have the essential brushes for your everyday use. That said, you don’t have to go for extremely expensive high-end products, as they aren’t always practical. The Kylie collection fiasco is only a trend, and you can always opt for what you can afford. You just need to make sure that the bristles are good quality and won’t irritate your skin. With practice, you’ll find the brands that can easily apply your eye shadow, contour, and highlights. 

You Can Go for Beauty Sponges Instead 

Some people prefer beauty blenders over brushes for blending. But you can always mix and match between both. While brushes work great with powdery products, beauty sponges are best used for liquid and creamy textures to blend them in without giving you a cakey feel. Beauty blenders might be expensive, so you can look for a beauty sponge that will work just the same. Make sure that you pick the right brushes and sponges that can blend the makeup of your choice. Otherwise, your skin won’t look as flawless and airbrushed. 

A Vanity Table 

Whether you’re a beginner who loves makeup or an enthusiast who is obsessed with the beauty world, having a vanity table is a game-changer. Usually, most people decide to get a table to organize their beauty station, but the lighted mirror attached can also help you apply your makeup more accurately. That said, organizing your makeup will save you a lot of time when you are getting ready, especially if you always find yourself in a rush before school or work. Finding the Best Makeup Vanity Table is an easy task if you determine your budget, and what you look for in a dressing table. But if you’re unsure what you would need, opt for a table that will provide you with enough space and storage for your products. Other than succeeding in cutting down your getting-ready time, vanities will help you display your makeup, and sort all your beauty and skincare products in their designated compartments. This way, you will be able to find everything that you need in the same place. Check out this great acrylic makeup organiser australia.

A Makeup Setting Spray

A makeup setting spray, also known as finishing spray or setting mist, is used at the last step of your beauty routine, that is, after applying your makeup. The setting spray locks in your makeup look and helps make it longer lasting. A finishing spray is especially helpful for people with oily skin, as excess oil can cause makeup to smear or fade much faster. 

Choose a setting spray that matches your skin type for maximum effectiveness. For dry skin, a hydrating setting mist like this organic rosewater facial toner not only locks your makeup but also moisturizes your skin for a supple, dewy look. If you have oily skin, a matte setting spray helps curb excess oil for a long-lasting makeup look. People with sensitive skin types need a clean, irritant-free setting spray made especially for their skin. 

A High-quality Primer 

Don’t mistake high-quality with high-end products. It is essential to make sure that the beauty product that you choose matches your skin type, doesn’t have any harmful chemicals, and actually does what it says, are the only three main factors that you have to worry about when you pick a certain product or brand. Primers can easily make or break your final makeup look, so make sure that you avoid any brands that may block your pores or inflame your skin. If you’re unsure, always check reviews before you purchase your product. When you’ve found a brand that works for you, you’ll notice that your makeup stays on longer, and gets applied more nicely and smoothly.

The Perfect Foundation Mix 

Many individuals may struggle to find a foundation shade that matches their skin tone, but you don’t have to use one foundation shade! We come in different shades and undertones. Sometimes, brands don’t consider that when they release their collections, which results in frustration for many of us. However, you can mix more than one foundation shade to find the perfect tone you are looking for. Just make sure that you moisturize your face before applying your foundation layers, and blend it thoroughly afterward for an airbrushed look. Purchasing a foundation online can be tricky, so it’s best to head to a local store to test the shades out and see if they work for you.   

Whether you are just testing out different looks with makeup, or if you are a beginner to makeup application and blending techniques, you will always need these essentials. Make sure to test out makeup products at the store before you purchase them, and remember that you don’t have to opt for high-end brands.

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