Things to Ask When Hiring a Caregiver

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At some point in our lives, we might need in-home caregivers for ourselves or to care for our loved ones. Hiring the right person or agency to take care of older people in our homes can be the key to happiness and independence. Evaluating the caregiver’s skills in managing daily activities for the older adult can be critical to hiring the right candidate or team.But what is the best way to find the right private in-home caregiver to take care of your loved ones as they age? 

The interview with the agency or private in-home caregiver can start with general questions followed by questions specific to any situation. This way, you will understand the skillset they have to care for your loved ones.

Here are a few of the mostimportant questions to ask the agency or candidate that you are considering to hire for your private in-home caregiver services.

What services do they provide?

General caregiver services include housekeeping, meal preparation, medication assistance, personal care, transportation, and companionship. Older adults who require more assistance due to their medical conditions may need nursing services rather than caregivers or personal attendants to help in their homes. Ask your caregiver or agency to list all the services they offer, so you can avoid any misunderstanding, such as not receiving the care your loved one needs or having unexpected bills.

What shifts do they work? 

Most caregivers are provided based on the shifts they choose to work, and changes to this schedule can cause you to incur additional costs with minimum required hours per visit. It will help to ask specifically how many hours they can provide assistance during any shift and what their holiday schedule might be. In case the caregiver is on an emergency leave of absence, you should find out whether the agency will provide a substitute. Be specific about holiday availability and ask for a holiday calendar showing when caregivers will and will not be assisting. Ask the private in-home caregiver or caregiver agency about their compensation method, payment terms, holiday hours and work policy, as some individuals or agencies charge by hour and others by shift or job.

How are payments handled?

It should be clear from the beginning how much you will pay in return for each service. Ask about the charge for each specific service. Will you need to pay in advance or pay at the end of each month? Find out what happens if the caregiver does not show up after the payment has been made to the agency. Ask whether they require a deposit or have a refund policy.

How skilled and experienced are the caregivers?

These are great questions. You are looking for quality service, so you must know the skills and experience a caregiver has for taking care of an older adult. The agency must specify what training has been provided to the caregivers to prepare them for assisting and supporting seniors in their homes with everything from regular daily tasks to more challenging situations.

Here are a few more important questions to askwhen you interview your caregiver or agency:

· Can they treat people with dementia? 

· What is the background of the caregiver?

· Does he/she have any criminal history?

· What is the driving record of the caregiver? 

· Have they met with any accidents before?

· Are they legally allowed to work in the country?

A few more tips for hiring a caregiver:

The above are some of the necessary inquiries you should make when hiring a caregiver for a loved one. There are many more questions you can ask, such as inquiries about the company insurance policy, caregiversreplacement, cost of the assessment, and more. Prepare a list of questions to request from the agency and potential candidates. Asking the right questions can help you find the right private in-home caregiver for your loved ones.

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