Things To Consider Before Boarding Saudi Arabian Airlines

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Saudi Arabia had closed its doors to tourists for a very long time. And now, when the kingdom has allowed traveling and offers budget travel with cheap flights, Saudi Arabia is one of world’s most difficult countries to travel to. However, it is also a country worth exploring. Usually, people imagine a harsh desert but the country is rich in diversity having beautiful beaches, oasis, mountaintops, rivers, and desert. One of the most wondrous parts of Saudi Arabia is Empty Quarter, which is an expanse of sand dunes unlike anywhere in the whole world. The country is also rich in heritage and culture. 

One can enjoy top-notch restaurants and lively café culture in its cosmopolitan city centers of Jeddah, Riyadh, Damman, etc. The country is also famous for luxury shopping so you can find extra-luxe brands in its glittering malls. There are affluent hotels building at a rapid pace with the best chefs. Due to these reasons, Saudi Arabia is attracting a massive number of tourists. 

If you are planning to travel in the airlines of Saudi Arabia or your flight has a layover, below are some of the things you should know. 

1. You must abide by the Saudi Arabian dress code to board the plane  

If you are traveling in a Saudi Arabian flight, you should always read their instructions regarding clothing. A woman wearing a dress that shows her arms or legs would not be allowed to board the plane while a man wearing shorts would be stopped as well. The restrictions are only applicable at the time of boarding and one can wear anything in the flight. But these limitations are so strict that people have been stopped from boarding the flight if they were not wearing proper clothes. Many tourists have missed their flights due to this reason as well. Also, the material of your cloth should not be thin and see-through and should not stick to your body. 

2. Alcohol is not allowed in Saudi Arabian planes  

No matter which airlines amongst Flynas, Saudi Airlines, SaudiGulf Airlines, etc. you choose, you will not be served alcohol. You will also be prohibited from carrying alcohol or products with alcohol in any of Saudi Arabia’s domestic flight. Even if you book a first-class ticket, you should not expect being greeted with expensive alcohol. You will get juices or date smoothie instead. 

Since alcohol is banned in Saudi Arabia, there have been cases of people being arrested at the airport for possessing alcohol.

3. Check the list of banned items in Saudi Arabia  

Even if you have a layover in Saudi Arabia, you should not bring some items with you since they are prohibited in the country. There is an extensive list of banned items including drugs, medicines without a prescription, pork, specific religious items and books, Israeli goods, and women’s magazine with risqué images of women.

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