Things to Consider Before Installing Bathroom Stalls

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If you are going to be redesigning your bathroom facility or you are mounting bathroom stalls in a new building, then there are a lot of steps to be taken to ensure that the bathroom stalls are correctly installed. All you want to have is a safe and reliable material which could endure the installation but could also last a long period of time so that you do not have to be stressed because of its continuous maintenance.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Stalls Materials:

There are many considerations to think about in determining what kind of bathroom stall you would like to install. First, decide on what type of design to choose to achieve your aesthetic goal. Next consideration would be the place or environment it would be installed on: it could be in an office, a church, a school, a gym or resort. Furthermore, it would help if you considered the volume of people who will be using the bathroom. Sometimes, the primary consideration would be the look and feel of the bathroom rather than feature and durability of the bathroom stalls. And lastly, the amount of expected money that you will be spending.

Two most common materials being used for bathroom stalls: 

Phenolic Core:

This kind of material is made of layers of paper placed together and coated in a film of phenolic resin. This is a synthetic polymer, which is another form of material that is highly durable and is inclined to retain up well under harsh conditions.

The primary benefit of the phenolic core is its longevity and high durability. A bathroom that is made with this material are very resistant to abrasion, ensuring that it will be harder to vandalism. This also means that they are easy to clean and is appropriate for varying environmental conditions because they both do well with dry and humid surfaces. They are also resistant to bacteria and corrosion.

This type of bathroom stall is more costly than the other kind of stalls (even with the plastic made stall) because this material is sturdy.

Powdered Coated Steel:

Among the most popularly utilized bathroom stall materials is powder-coated steel. It is made by having a panel of honeycomb cardboard – which is remarkably lightweight, but it is a highly durable material – and is coated with thick metal sheets on each side. The steel is coated with coloured powder and then baked into the metal. They are also resistant to rust and corrosion; however, it does not always tolerate too many quantities of water.

A powder-coated steel’s primary benefit is that it is cost-efficient, and therefore an affordable alternative. The costs range may be around $200-$300, although they can also be expensive (as much as $900 or more), which is based on the size and durability. This product usually comes with a warranty which implies that the manufacturer is confident enough that it would not be destroyed for an extended period of time.

The downside with this kind of material, though, is that there may be limited choices regarding its colour palette.

The Appropriate Materials to be Used:

When you are planning to do the installation procedure on your own, then you have to start with the materials you have to use. Most bathroom stalls are made from solid plastic (HDPE), enamel baked, stainless steel, phenolic plywood or composite which are usually reinforced in solid colours. Although there are several material choices, it is necessary to know which material in a bathroom setting would work the best.

Humidity and moisture are inevitable in commercial bathrooms, and they are always occurring elements which could have a detrimental effect on these various materials. Stainless steel and baked enamel can start rusting after a long time being surrounded by moisture. Because of the phenolic content, it is prone to the development of mold and bacteria. When mold develops, this could lead to unpleasant smell which can be hard to eradicate.

By picking a material such as HDPE (high-density polyethylene), it is with a high possibility that bad smells could be avoided and even the development of the molds. This top-quality solid plastic features a sturdy design which is resistant to scratches, dents, graffiti, and moisture which would positively effect of having a bathroom stall partition that will last for a long time.  

Planning, Design and Installation:

When you are planning to build a new bathroom in your facility, it is essential to know the guidelines to make sure that your bathroom stalls are easily accessible. It is recommended to consult the guidelines of ADA ensure appropriate planning and design of the bathroom. The bathrooms should also be well-lit with convenient-to-supervise with security fixtures and vandal-proof covers.

In terms of the installation, there are some issues you have to acknowledge when it refers to the actual bathroom stalls and partitions. In a facility, there are three distinct models that you can be able to select from; such as the floor-mounted braced overhead, ceiling hung and floor to ceiling. Floor-mounted overhead braced provides the most affordable solution for high-traffic areas where reliability is paramount. Its easy installation feature to conveniently install it in new buildings or existing ones makes this a versatile type of option. Every other manufacturer design is distinct with each other, depending on the design you want to achieve – this is the primary reason why it necessary that you have to make sure that you know the designs and acronyms being used.

When you already know the measurements and drawings with pilasters and doors in a standard bathroom design, you can start the installation with the side and back wall brackets. After that, you should mount the pilasters to the floor. And lastly, have the hinges and doors installed.

When you are going to follow the proper design plans and regulations, the bathroom stalls and door installation will be relatively easy. The use of the correct materials will also make sure that the partitions are long-lasting and advantageous for both you and the occupants of your facility.

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