9 Things To Do When in San Jose, California on a Solo Trip

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California is called the Silicon Valley and San Jose is regarded to be its heart. This city is popular across the globe and known for being the global technology hub. Besides the technological marvels here, there are also numerous things to do and activities to indulge in for the solo traveler, be it a male or female.

Things to do

  • Explore artwork at the Art San Jose Museum: This museum is popular for its modern and contemporary art mix and presents around 9-12 exhibitions annually, trying to showcase contemporary designs, architecture, and art. It means you can get to come across something new to experience and love them especially if you are into art. Guided tours are offered for those preferring to gain first-hand knowledge of the museum and its collections. A café is also present within to offer light refreshments. It is located at 110, South Market St., San Jose and there is a small admission for adults and for students 17 & under, there is free entry. 
  • Visit Municipal Rose Garden to admire the rose collection: If you love rose flowers, then this is the best place to be. The garden covers an area of 2.22 hectares (about 51/2 acres) and features 200+ varieties of roses including different types of exotic plants. This is a great place to take selfies to carry the memory back home. It is located at Dana Avenue and Naglee Avenue, San Jose and is open daily from 8 am until 30 minutes after sunset. Admission is free to everyone. 
  • San Pedro Square Market to shop for organic produce: This market offers a unique shopping experience. There are just 20 vendors selling almost everything, ranging from tasty food to home goods and much more. It is also a popular place for social gathering offering every Thursday to Sunday with live music, karaoke, and trivia quiz events. Peralta Adobe Plaza open air hosts varieties of outdoor seating allowing visitors to sit back to hear evening music or to taste the delicious food served here. It is located at 87, North San Pedro St., San Jose, and admission is absolutely free for everyone. 
  • Check out Willow Glen for its scenic streets: It is also referred to as the city’s ‘local treasure’ and home to picturesque residential neighborhoods and tree-lined streets. Lincoln Avenue has become a hub for foodie delights, clothing boutiques, and bookshops. Every Saturday, there is a hosted farmers market here offering local produce. Several outlets are present here offering varieties of drinks and food. If lucky, you can also get to experience the Annual Dancin’ on Avenue festivities, featuring local wines, food and live music. 
  • Happy Hollow Zoo & Park: Here you can check out interactive exhibits. Wildlife enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the visit as boasts of having different types of species ranging from jaguars to anteaters to exotic birds. The park also features a restaurant, public art, family-friendly rides, facilities showcasing artwork, which includes the education center and Doc’s Critter Care animal hospital. Interactive workshops and exhibits are also held like the bookkeeping workshop to show how to become a ‘backyard beekeeper’. Special guest speakers also honor the events. It is located at 748, Story Rd., San Jose. Opening and closing time depends upon the season and it is open daily. There is a small fee to be paid. 
  • Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum: Located at 1660, Park Avenue, San Jose, this museum boasts of having the largest Egyptian artifact collection in the entire Western United States. There are also 4 mummies. The other highlights here include 1 of 7 statues of Cleopatra that still survives, a funerary boat, ancient dynastic coffin, prayer relief fragment which depicts Akhnaton. Guided tours can help you to know about the tombs and you can get to hear historical titbits and fascinating tales while exploring the museum. If you happen to visit on weekends, you can indulge in the workshop that covers various subjects ranging from perfume to Rosetta Stone. There is a small entrance fee to be paid. 
  • SP2 Bar: If you prefer drinking and visit San Pedro Square Market, then why not check out this stylish and popular restaurant and bar, located close to the market. Its external patio lounge is quite spacious and offers a chilled, relaxing place for enjoying your drink. There are also offered varieties of meals, ranging from New York steaks to spiced pork fillets to seafood and wood oven-fired pizzas, etc. Also, are found gluten-free and vegetarian choices. If you are on a budget, then the 3 hour ‘happy hour’ can help you to enjoy without having to spend much. This restaurant & bar has been rated very high for its great food, drinks, and amazing atmosphere. It is located at 72, North Almaden Ave., San Jose. 
  • Winchester Mystery House: It is a striking house and a popular landmark in San Jose. Sarah Lockwood Pardee, the heiress, and window to Winchester rifle fortune, has put in decades of work in building this house. For over 36 years, she had expanded it continuously. Currently, the house sprawls over an area of about 2230 sq.m (24,000 sq.ft.) and features around 160 rooms, including 10,000 windows, 2,000 individual doors, and 52 skylights. The standard tour of other mansion includes 110 of 160 rooms. It is located at 525, South Winchester Boulevard, San Jose and is open daily from 9 am with varying closing time. There is a small fee to check out the interiors of the mansion.
  • Adventurous rock climbing: If you want to try out rock climbing, then this half-day introduction in the mountains surrounding Los Gatos is the perfect adventurous sport for beginners. The qualified and experienced instructor will provide you with the necessary guidance, technical skills, and safety ranging from gear to knots, etc. You are to ascend Castle Rock Skate Park sandstone region. The price charged will include guide and gear. 

Your solo trip can be made all the more exciting and memorable if you book the hotels in San Jose in advance.

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