Things to Keep in Mind When Building an Outdoor Dog house

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A dog in the house.

A dog house must be safe, durable and comfy. If you have been assigned with the task of building a DIY doghouse, there are certain important things you must keep in mind. You need basic building skills and that is all! Some like giving an industrial chic look to their dog house, in this concern; they prefer using plywood and pallets. You can take some time out and please read the below-written important things that should be considered when making a dog house on your own:

Rule # 1

Determine beforehand whether you want to build an indoor or outdoor dog house. According to certified dog behaviour consultants, an outdoor house for pup seems to be the best choice. They give your pet dog a designated place where he can go, sleep and relax.

In addition, choose the shady area if you have picked an outdoor premise because you do not want your pup to become exhausted under the scorching heat of sun. Construct a dog house which looks feasible to be used during both winters and summer times. Make wise decisions when it comes to deciding number of walls, flooring and installation. To know in-deeper about the costs and materials involved in construction, you can contact construction estimating firms.

Rule # 2

Choose premium materials when building an outdoor doghouse. Style your pup house in a way that it gets matched with your home décor. Furthermore, you can think about a design statement that directly explains your dog’s personality. Pet owners prefer using cedar and treated plywood because they believe to be high-quality materials. They 100% withstand rotting and moisture. It is even advisable to use roof shingles to ensure overhead protection.

Rule # 3

Determine the right size when making an outdoor dog house. The size of the house should fit a full-grown and an adult-sized dog. If it is correctly sized, your pup can easily stand up, sit, turn around and lie down. Thus, your pet house and dog’s measurements must sync well. As a general rule of thumb, measure the length and height of your pup and then decide accordingly what should be the final size of the dog house.

Rule # 4

A mobile-friendly dog house has become the noticeable trend these days. Instead of building a pet house in the form of a fixed-in-place structure, it is recommended to give it a mobile look. This way, you can easily move that house indoors when the weather is harsh.

Rule # 5

Insulating the walls and roof remains a must. In doing so, your pup will stay warm and cozy during winters and cool in summers. For insulating, you can use a foam board, aluminum foil bubble or fiberglass. Walls should be insulated both from interior and exterior sides. Sand down all edges and there should be no sharp edges.

Rule # 6

Elevating the floor is another important thing that you must not forget. A DIY dog house having legs looks more durable. What you can do is build a simple stand and try lifting it a few inches above the ground level. An elevated floor keeps the climate control of your dog house. This practice ensures air movement and keeps the pup house cooler. During winters, you can stuff that open space with straws and keep that area naturally insulated.

Rule # 7

Ensuring ventilation is the crucial factor when it comes to constructing an outdoor dog house. Introduce a kind of ventilation system that can be opened up and closed according to the weather.

Like, build a pet house which has a window and open vents located near the roof. This will keep the house cool in warm months. On the other hand, in winters, you can simply cover the windows and close the vents to retain heat. Some like attaching vinyl flaps to better hold in heat.

Rule # 8

Build the door of your dog house to one side instead of keeping it centered. Offsetting the door is one simple tweak which will make your pup more comfy and protected eventually.

Rule # 9

Being a pet owner, build a dog house that also gives you smooth access. This way, you can easily clean it out, keep the food, close the vents and windows without any hassle. In addition, a hinged roof believes to be the most workable solution that allows quick access to the pet owner into the doghouse.

Rule # 10

There is no need to install a safety light. Various dog breeds can see in light even if it five times dimmer as compared to the human eye can see. If you want to place motion sensor lights in your front yard, it is recommended to mount them away from the pet house.


Thus, these are few simple rules that tell you how a dog house should look like. It is time to give your beloved pups the best, durable and comfy build-it-yourself doghouse.

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