Things To Look For In Bride and Bridesmaid Robes

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Like every bride, you may also want to gift your bridesmaid something, keeping up with the tradition. Well, if that is the case, then you cannot ignore robes as an option. The best thing about this choice is the variety, which also means that you would need to decide a lot of things to make it work for your girl gang. Here are some tips that can help you pick the best of bride and bridesmaid robes for everyone.

Style and length

Kimono robes, spa robes, and wrap robes are some of the most common types. Of these, Kimono is quite popular though for combining the best elements of spa robes and wrap robes. They usually come with full sleeves like spa ones and feature great body fit just the way wrap robes do. Spa robes are mostly cotton material, and wrap robes can be silk-based. Choose anything that you find most comfortable to wear. But, one thing is sure that all of them are a fantastic wedding party champion.

Just make sure that you pay attention to their length at the time of selection. Since hardly anyone enjoys wearing something too long or that barely covers the backside, you must avoid these issues.


You need to be both practical and creative with your choice in this area. When shopping for bride and bridesmaid robes, you must look for a color that is easy to wear beyond the wedding and can look stunning in a wedding album. Since blues, pinks, whites, beiges, and blacks are some of the evergreen options, you can pick anything in that range of tone for your wedding party. Also, you can either choose the same color for everyone or different colors for different people, such as bridesmaids, matrons, house party members, and so on.


The cost can vary from as little as $35 to as high as $200. So, make sure to have a budget in advance to avoid indulging in an expensive option from the beginning. There are numerous online stores, such as Pretty Robes, which offer fantastic deals on these purchases. You can explore your options with them to place bulk orders.


Some stores also offer you an option for personalization to make your wedding day preparations exciting. You can select a particular color from the vast palette for the monogram on the back or in front also (if you add texts for an extra cost).  

So, these are some of the essential points about robes that you must remember while shopping. These are extremely popular nowadays because everyone finds them to be comfortable, easy, and flattering. The wearer can relax in this outfit and also go for her hairdo and makeup without having to change into something else. Plus, these get nicely captured in the camera, making all the pictures look perfect. 

You could be thinking about what if this choice doesn’t turn out well. Don’t worry about such feelings. It can be your nervousness about the big day of your life, making you overthink.

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