Things you should know before traveling to Sri Lanka

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A unique island country, Sri Lanka is an astonishing destination with loads of wildlife, natural beauty, culture, and smiling faces. 

The region speaks of some of the most jovial and friendly people on the planet earth. Sri Lanka is geographically located in between India and Southeast Asia but is pretty different from them in terms of many things which you may read below.

Certainly, this exotic isle has become an attraction for tourists from numerous countries in recent years. If you visit here you would love to stay in one of the Sri Lanka luxury Villas to experience something different. But, before you travel to Sri Lanka just keep these crucial things in mind:

Traveling to Sri Lanka is Absolutely Safe

While the country has had a turbulent past and was also the victim of the Easter Sunday attacks. The island’s resilience and the spirit of its people prevailed. The nation bounced back and has made great strides to uplift its tourism industry and ensure travellers are safe no matter where in the island they are.

Travellers have easy access to safe travel thanks to reputed platforms such as Uber and Pickme. Personal transport can also be rented from global brands such as Hertz.

Food is also safe in the country with access to several global food brands and international level restaurants and grocery stores.

Eateries in urban centers are strictly monitored by the health department, but as always ask questions and use your better judgment.

Financial fraud is rare in the country and travelers have access to atm points islandwide. Money changers too have to be certified, so check for labels and licenses.

Is Holidaying in Sri Lanka Expensive?

This is the query of many people that, Is it costly to have a vacation in Sri Lanka? Some of the South Asian places such as Thailand and Vietnam are pretty affordable. Sri Lanka straddles the middle ground. Thanks to favourable exchange rates and sustainable import practices, the cost of goods is affordable. Outside of established retail outlets in malls and urban centers, travellers can negotiate prices with hawkers and independent sellers. 

Sticking to Sri Lankan foods such as delicious curries and local Lion Lager is a good idea which will keep you in your budget. You can also opt for some medium scale hotels to stay rather than expensive venues.

Hire a Driver for Sri Lanka Tours 

Not only are the driving conditions stressful but you also need an International Driving Permit (IDP) for the same. For moving around in Sri Lanka tourists find it quite convenient to hire a driver and they work as your personal tour guides also. 

One more plus point is that most of the tour guides are well versed with the English language and are eager to talk about their terrain. If you just want to stay free & relaxed then you can also go for some tailor-made trips by some reputed companies and they will arrange everything prior for you. Even me and my friends got our trip designed from some good tours and travel people and it really worked out well. 

Tap Water is Safe

Tap Water in Sri Lanka is treated at modern processing plants and is safe to consume. But drinking from filters and bottled water is recommended.

Great Chances of Discovering  Wildlife

Safaris and wildlife is a marvelous treat for all the tourists who love adventure. Sri Lanka is a place with some of the wide-ranging landscapes and world renowned enchanting animals. Yala National Park boasts of the biggest collection of leopards in Asia whereas in Minneriya National Park a good gathering of elephants takes place every year. 

For spotting dolphins and whales visitors swarm to Mirissa’s southern tip seasonally. Varied species of colorful birds and monkeys can also be seen hanging around here and there in the city.

Tourists from many Countries Require Visas to enter Sri Lanka 

Getting a tourist visa is an easy process. The government has made it very easy over the years to apply for one. Sri Lanka has embassies all over the world, look for the one closest to you and apply accordingly.

Some countries can also get visa on arrival. So check your eligibility criteria before visiting.

Trains give Better Experience Than Buses

If you are in Sri Lanka and want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the landscapes then trains are the perfect option. If you travel by trains, your ride will be comfortable and economical too. Though the buses are also extremely inexpensive, the drivers tend to drive rough sometimes. 

Buses could be crowded with people standing, but for shorter distances people prefer to travel by a tuk tuk. Whenever you use them go for the metered one to avoid being charged more for the same.

Sri Lanka Luxury Villas


This extraordinarily designed hotel offers you an experience beyond your imagination. You can enjoy nature’s beauty in this boutique hotel which has a stretch of 58 – acre lush green garden plus a 150-year-old mansion sitting at the center. 

Anuradhapura is traditional, elegant, and classy with 25 villas having private pools. For all those who like to stay and dine in luxury then this hotel is something you would die for. The archaeological sites are just 30 minutes drive away and the great rock fortress of Sigiriya – (UNESCO World Heritage site) is just an hour away. 

Cinnamon Bey Beruwala, Moragalla

This unique and beautiful resort is situated on Sri Lanka’s southwest coast. This has a 200 room set-up which exhibits simplicity and elegance. The hotel designs combine modern architecture with artistic Turkish design and rooms that show eye-catching wood lattice work, terraces overlooking the ocean, and furniture that’s contemporary. 

For relaxing you can enjoy the amazing infinity pool and sleek spa.

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