Things Your Kids Need to Know About Reducing Energy Usage

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Most people have young kids who always bring that skyrocketing monthly electric bill, and parents must teach their kids about ways to reduce energy consumption at home. There are various lessons you can teach your kids on conserving energy and help your family become energy efficient. 

Here are a few lessons you can begin with:

Sources of Energy

We often use electricity to run various appliances and home devices that either come from natural sources or man-made sources. Your kid needs to know that energy can be tapped from geothermal, solar, hydroelectric, natural gas, nuclear or from duel fuel. According to, you can always compare electricity prices based on the source of fuel. Kids need to know that some of the sources of energy are more effective than others, but it is always essential to prevent unnecessary use.

Importance of Reducing Energy Use

Your kids might not know the value of money, and this may also seem abstract to adults since you have to analyze the monthly bills closely over a long duration to notice any difference. To keep children engaged and have them practice some lifelong habits, you need to make them understand the reason behind what they are doing. Given that energy cannot be seen or touched, it would be essential to tie the energy concept to something they understand, such as describing power using the physical activities; they take part in regularly. 

How Kids Can Reduce Energy Use at Home

Your kid probably loves a challenge, and you can always turn the energy activities that your kids partake into a game. Try making a point system or a sticker chart to point out all the times they remember to save energy, and it will help them minimize your energy consumption. Also, there are numerous methods that your kids can employ to reduce your monthly bill. Here are some things they can practice.

Switching Off the Lights

Your kids probably need constant reminding that they need to turn off the lights whenever they leave a room. Try encouraging them to have a habit of turning off lights when they leave a room. Remind them that they do not need electric lights during the day.

Limiting Their Shower Duration

In case your kids love lingering in the shower, set a timer that reminds them when to get out of the shower. Teach your kids that a ten-minute shower could end up saving up to 30 gallons of water every time they have a bath. You can also purchase a music player and instruct your kids that they need to be finished with bathing once three songs are complete.

Ditching The Television

Video games and television run down your power; therefore, turn off these devices and encourage your kids to read some books instead. In case you have very young kids, try encouraging their reading habits by creating a chart and reward them with stickers for every book they read. Upon reading 1o books, you can award them with a 1-hour television treat. Minimizing television time will teach them the value of energy and help you save a lot of money on monthly bills.

Teach Them To Shut Doors

You need to teach the kids the importance of keeping all doors closed in the house. Kids will learn that closed doors are a vital component in maintaining cool sir indoors, therefore, minimizing air conditioning costs.

Utilizing Natural Light

As earlier stated, you need to discourage your kids from wasting energy by turning off lights during the day. You can always use creative ways to allow light in the house and restrict heat by using window films. Also, ask your kids to always remove curtains during the day, thus tap the natural light.

Adopting The Open/Close Fridge Rule

Teach your kids to first think about what they need from the fridge before they open the door and let out all that frosty air. This will teach them the importance of saving energy. You can also place a sticker on the fridge that instructs your kids to shut the door.

Generally, you need to teach your kid how to conserve energy. The most important lesson to teach your kids would be to find and implement efficient energy sources and the ones that never pollute the environment. Change begins with you; therefore, get the best education on energy conservation and pass the knowledge to your kid. Teaching kids will ensure they grow to be responsible citizens capable of making the right decisions and probably they might end up finding a solution to the present crisis.

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