This Is What My Perfect Wedding Should Be Like

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Pledging allegiances to someone is not just restricted to politics and international conflicts. All is fair in love and war, they say, but loving your soulmate has an end product that’s much more beautiful than wars or conflicts—the sanctity of marriage.

The words “I do” are enough to send heavy chills down one’s spine. You both have come a long way; both you and your bae have worked hard for this moment, the holistic moment where you’d be pronounced Man and Wife. Among all the other things you dream about, the “Perfect Wedding” takes center stage.

The Perfect Wedding is supposed to have it all—the bride’s favorite flowers, groom’s favorite appetizers, best man and bridesmaid’s shocking yet emotional speeches and good food. All of this should happen at a location that matches sanctity of the holy bond of marriage, and it should make everyone happy. After all, your perfect wedding has to be spotless like the bride’s veil.

You’ve got to make your wedding special—as if the person you are exchanging vows with doesn’t do it already, we’ll do you one better. We’ll give you some dreamy yet doable insights into your dream wedding, and we’ll tell you how you can make it happen. We are not going to provide you with unrealistic expectations or anything—this is the reality, and it is about to hit you while you and your love are walking down the aisle.

So if the lovely couple may allow us to begin, we’d like to tell you how you’re going to plan your perfect wedding and how it’d look like:

It’s Your Day!

Many couples seem to forget this when they indulge in cake-tasting and wine-sampling. All shenanigans aside, it is your day. You and your partner in crime are exchanging vows, and nothing matters more than that. So forget matching curtains and picking out chairs for the venue, focus on each other. Both of you are going to cherish this moment for a very long time to come.

Pick the Dress

Go ahead and try several dresses with your groomsmen and bridesmaids. See if it’s the right fit, check if it looks good in pictures and at last, make sure that it is delivered right on time. Once you are satisfied with your dress, do go for one final try-out a week before the big day. Something that you should keep an eye on is your weight. Try to stay in the same shape as you were during the initial try out.

Hire a Planner

No matter how much you self-plan your dream wedding, you won’t be there to enjoy it if you take the wheel. It is better to take center stage and let planners cast their wizardly magic on your special day. Hiring a planner saves you from a lot of stress, and when it comes to your wedding, the last thing you should be in is stress.

And we are done!

That’s it. That was the last step to the perfect wedding. No, we are not kidding. You have to embrace the wedding vibes and try on the dress, after that, call IBIZA Event Catering. They’ll do their thing to plan your perfect wedding, just the way you like. We’re not even kidding. Not only are the best in the wedding biz, but they’ll also do everything you want. That’s right; we are talking everything above and beyond your imagination.

All you got to do is show up on the big day, and IBIZA will take care of the rest. Here’s why you should choose a planner like IBIZA to manage your perfect dream wedding because we don’t want you to regret not accepting them.

It’s all about Lovebirds, and Food

If the wedding of your dreams doesn’t have ‘good food’ on its list, then is it a perfect wedding? Food is the lifeblood of any wedding ceremony, and it is crucial to building up just the right menu that’ll tickle your guests’ taste buds. If you have a formal wedding ‘theme’ in mind when it comes to the menu, you can go with the mainstream.

Or you can play it big and decide on mix ‘n’ match themed-menu. Who said new food could not be fine dining? IBIZA event catering makes your wishes come true, and no matter what’s on your menu list, they’ll serve it on the table. So sit with your fiancé and decide on top-fives, because this time all of them are going to be there on the table.

The Gathering

Are you planning something that was going to be a tightly-knit affair, with just close ones around? Or your gathering calls for long guest lists and large menus? Either way, IBIZA Event Catering would love to make it happen. Keep it intimate and gather your loved ones in the backyard, or decorate a ballroom full of candles and fill it with an arsenal of guests. The result would be the same—your perfect wedding successfully brought to life, thanks to IBIZA Event Catering.

Consider it done

There are no ‘pre-made’ plans that this planner is going to pitch you and you’ll learn it in no time. Decide on your budget; move on to the menu, then the venue, décor—hell, you can even decide the drapes if you like. But with IBIZA in the driving seat, you won’t need to.

At last, show up to your Dream Wedding!

This one’s easiest. Wake up, dress into your wedding clothes and get ready to walk into the best decision of your life. It is your big day, you’ve earned this, your dream wedding is happening. All you have to do is walk down the aisle, look into each other’s eyes, and say “I do!”

You see, the wedding of your dreams can very much turn into reality. All you have to do is take care of your better half and let IBIZA Event Catering do their thing!

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