This Is Why Smart Housebuilders Choose Bi-Folding Doors

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Bi-Folding Doors

Bifolding doors are a common feature and fixture in many homes. This is because smart homebuilders understand the value that these doors add to their properties. They prefer these types of doors because they can help beautify and modernize an old home while also enhancing the looks of new homes.

Space-saving feature

A bi-folding door can span up to four meters or more. Yet, the doors take up little space when fully open. Unlike modern glass panel doors that occupy more space because of their fixed components, bi-folding doors open up to the size of a single pane. All the panels used to form the bi-folding door are moved out of the way and folded into one corner where it does not take up so much space.

A luxurious quality of life

Many smart homebuilders opt for bi-folding doors because they give a feeling of modernization and luxury. These doors also impact the life quality of the homeowner in many different ways. They can be used in the home to increase fresh air, natural lighting and to create more space. They can be used to blend outdoor and indoor areas.

More real estate value to your home

Smart homebuilders choose bifold doors because they add between 5% and 10% resale value to the home. Apart from this, real estate experts can use them for various selling points, such as sentimental and luxurious appeal. All of these add more value to the general resale value of the house.

A luxurious bedroom

Many luxury homebuilders would love the feeling of a huge bedroom. A large interior bi-folding door helps merge the space outside and inside the bedroom. It is a smart choice for adjoining your internal bedroom with a living room or the hallway. This could also be used to join your wardrobe or balcony to your bedroom to create the effect of a bigger space.

Stunning views of the outdoor areas

Bifolding doors can be used to maximize the view of your surrounding outdoor area. Built with aesthetic glass panels, they make it easier for you to see whatever lies beyond your internal walls. They can deliver stunning views of the swimming pool, waterfront, beaches, gardens, a basketball court, and so on.

A secured lock system

A bifold door can be used as the main door to a home because they offer many security benefits. Smart housebuilders will usually choose bi-folding doors because they come with a multiple point door locking system. This means that the door comes with several locks around its frame, which can all be locked together. Many commercial bifold doors come with either a five or three lock system, which is used to secure the home. For greater security, some housebuilders choose an 8-point door locking system.

Long-lasting materials

Many bi-fold doors like Schuco Bifold Doors last for a long time. Their durability is driven by the fact that they are made with sturdy materials. Aluminium is the prime material for many bifold door brands, though there are timber bifold variants. The aluminium variants offer strength and are lightweight, and their strength and ability to resist impact give them a 45 year-life expectancy rate. The strength of the aluminium material used allows the doors to be made of bigger sizes.

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