Three Reasons Why Your Beard Isn’t Growing; It May Be Your Beard Oil

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Okay, you decided that this is the year that you will grow out your beard to sport a more sophisticated and mature look.  You research styles, tell your barber, and buy a few products that you think will help.  Only, this was last year, and your beard hasn’t grown into the thick, healthy, and thriving mane that you wanted.  Maybe your products are the problem, particularly your beard oil.  The following are three reasons why your beard isn’t growing, and a little info about how the right beard oil can help.

!!1. It’s Dry

You can deep clean and condition your beard every day, but that won’t do much to solve the dryness and dandruff.  You must get to the root of the issue, literally.  Unless you moisturize the skin beneath the beard, you won’t have sustained growth.  You must use essential oils like castor seed oil, sunflower seed oil, and avocado oil if you want a skin that is hydrated that will in turn hydrate your beard. 

!!2. It’s Damaged

Damaged hair is easy to spot.  Hair that is brittle, thin, tangled, and rough is damaged hair.  It’s easy to cover a head of damaged hair with a hat or hoodie, but it is not so easy to hide a beard that is damaged.  That is why the key to heal or even prevent damage is to use a quality beard oil daily.  Beard oils such as the provide the all-natural ingredients that revitalize, restore, and replenish your damaged beard.

!!3. It’s Desperate For TLC

TLC (tender loving care) is not just for couples.  TLC is also needed for your beard to thrive and flourish.  Just like in a relationship, if you don’t give your partner attention, the relationship will crumble and die.  If you don’t give your beard much needed attention and on a daily basis, it will fall out and die. Ever heard of dead ends? There are several ways that you can nourish and love on your beard.  Here are just a few.

  • Do a hot oil treatment – Heat up your favorite natural oil for a few seconds in the microwave; apply to your beard (being sure to penetrate the face); leave on for 15 – 30 minutes; and then rinse out with warm water.  This will not only provide strength and moisture to your beard, but it will also promote healthy growth.
  • Give yourself (or allow someone else to give you) a facial massage – It has been proven that scalp massages stimulate hair growth, so it makes sense that face massages would do the same.  Using all of your fingers, gently yet firmly rub and massage your face underneath your beard for a few minutes.  Add a small amount of beard oil for extra stimulation and enhancement.
  • Go for a regular trim – Clipping split ends is an essential step in hair growth.  It is also essential for growing a healthy and full beard.  If you decide to trim your beard at home, comb your beard in small sections; look for signs of split or damaged ends (dry, dull, and brittle hair with knots on the end); snip off a half-inch or more of the dead ends with styling shears that can be purchased at your local Target; or of course, you can go to the barber shop for that professional touch.

Avoiding these traps by using beard oil is a natural solution to a simple problem. You can check amazon for the right products that can help you on this.

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