Thrilling Water Parks To Beat The Summer Woes

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Water parks are a favorite destination for people of all ages during summer. The thrilling rides and slides that keep you cool while having fun are unmissable. The best part is that in developed countries such as the USA, big projects are now utilizing hydropower to fuel such rides in water parks. 

For example, Vortex USA is one such organization that understands the potential of hydropower and transforms it into big projects such as swimming pools and water parks. In this article, let’s look at some of the most popular water parks in the USA. The list will help you to make plans to cool yourself down this summer. 

The most famous USA water parks

Water World in Denver, Colorado

Denver is not a city that looks very interesting, but the Water World covers the same. It has so much to offer to tourists with a total of over 50 attractions that are suitable for all family members. 

The Denver Water Park is one of the best in the entire country. Amongst all the fantastic rides here, some of the most popular ones include Voyage to the Center of The Earth, tube rides, and the Lazy River. 

The first one is a multi-rider raft ride that will take you back into the era of dinosaurs and cave dwellers. It is almost like a separate theme park within the Water World. If you love adventure, then, of course, you should try the Mile High Flyer. It is the very first hydro-magnetic ride in the entire Rocky region. 

Wet ‘n’ Wild in Orlando, Florida

Considered the first-ever proper water park in America, Wet ‘n’ Wild has held up to its position till now. The favorite thing out here for tourists is the vast play area for children, which is amazing. Moreover, the multi-rider slides in this park attract families to come here and enjoy during summer times. 

Kids also love the beautiful Blastaway Beach, which is an excellent family attraction too. There is a huge sandcastle here, along with over 160 water attractions and 17 slides. If you are looking for a bit more adventure, Bomb Bay is the perfect one for you. In this, you will have to climb almost six floors and then slide down from there to splash into the water. 

The Aqua Drag Racer is another one of the most thrilling rides in Wet ‘n’ Wild. Besides, if you are looking for a peaceful day, this park is ideal with a low footfall usually. The reason for the same is its proximity to Disney World Florida. 

Sea World’s Aquatica in Orlando, Florida

Well, Florida is undoubtedly the hub for adventure and activities, and Disney World is not the only contributor here. The Sea World’s Aquatica is famous for the Dolphin Plunge. In this, you will slide through a very long slide and finally fall in a pool full of playful dolphins. The white sand beach in this park is beautiful too. 

While these are the most popular ones, there are several other water parks in America. You will be spoilt for choice in this case. 

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