Tidy Books Box Review and Giveaway!

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Disclosure: I am an ambassador and receive free products in return for writing about them. All opinions are 100% my own, though!

If you’ve followed me for awhile, at least since April, you may remember that I am a Tidy Books Ambassador. I have to say that I am so glad that I am. They are a fantastic company and make such great products! If you did not see my previous review of them, definitely check my review out of the Tidy Books Kid’s Bookshelf! Now, on to the next one… the Tidy Books Box!

Tidy Books Box Review & Giveaway | Optimistic Mommy

As I say a lot, reading is important. You should read to your child at least once a day, but more is definitely better! Since we have moved and have a bigger house, it is so nice to have more room. With Riley’s Bookshelf being in her room now, she has books strewn all over the floor in there. A lot end up in the living and family room as well, though. With all the books we buy from the thrift stores and that her Gigi (grandma) buy her, they accumulate quickly. So we have plenty to go in each room. But we didn’t have anywhere to put them in the living room… until the Tidy Books Box! It’s a great way to keep books super handy where you and your child are most of the time and it encourages family reading time. Yes, we have toys all over the living room, but I take pride in the fact that Riley will bring me books by herself most of the time to either have me read to her, or she “reads” them to me.

Another great thing about the Tidy Books Box is the fact that it seems that Riley likes to pick her books up and actually put them away herself! The big slots in it make it so easy for her to get the books in so she doesn’t struggle and give up. This teaches another great lesson: to clean up after herself! 🙂

Tidy Books Box Review and Giveaway | Optimistic Mommy

Another great part about the Tidy Books box is the big clock on the side! Riley is too young right now, but when she gets old enough, this is going to be great for teaching her time! You can show your child a time, then ask her to show you a time. Make it into a fun game!

I almost forgot to touch base on this, but the quality of the Tidy Books Box is fantastic, just like the Tidy Books Kid’s Bookshelf was. You can definitely tell it isn’t made out of cheap materials and will last for quite a long time! My husband had this put together in probably less than 15 minutes, so it definitely wasn’t complicated at all. A great thing to have with anything for children, since quick and easy put together for anything for a child is hard to come by!

I couldn’t get a real good picture of Riley next to the Tidy Books Box, but I did capture this cute picture of her daddy reading a book to her that she got out of it by herself!

Now on to the fun part for you… a giveaway!

You can enter to win your very own Tidy Books Box by visiting Tidy Books’ Facebook page here! I wish good luck to all who enter – you definitely will be glad that you win if you do!

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  1. That box is adorable! I’ve never heard of Tidy Books. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is so cute! Love the book container!

  3. This is so cool! I love that bookshelf! Going to check them out now! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. Oh yes!
    I can definitively win this!
    I was always jealous of munchkins school that has them!

  5. I LOVE this! As a teacher I want two, one for my nursery and one for my classroom!


  6. This is adorable! I really need to get some like this to organize my daughter’s books.

  7. Emily Griffin says

    Thank you! I shared this 3 times! I love it. So cute! What time is it? Time to read!

  8. This is so cute!! Heading over to enter now 🙂

  9. Love the book case!

  10. This is the cutest! I’d love to get one of these for Alea. She has SOOO many books and we’re always looking for more storage options!

  11. What a cute bookshelf!

    Danielle at Framed Frosting

  12. I LOVE Tidy Books!

  13. Katherine Donovan says

    Super cute!!

  14. That would make a super gift for my Grandson. He has lots of books and this could really help in keeping them corraled.

  15. That is a really nice box. This would be great for Madison when she’s in her reading circle. We currently have something that holds her books but this is really convenient. Thanks for the sharing and the review.

  16. Awwww such an adorable box…i am not kid but seriously i wanna have this lol…so pretty.

  17. The books in my sons’ room are always a mess. I think having something like this to keep them organized is a great idea. It looks really nice with any room decor too.

  18. I love that bookshelf with the clock! I think reading is one of the most valuable gifts we can give our children.

  19. That bookcase is too cute it really reminds me of one from nursery when I was a child 🙂 x

  20. I love this, how adorable. My granddaughter has tons of books and always lying around – I am just going to have to pick one of these up!

  21. sarah clegg says

    i love tdy toys i keep applying in the hope of reviewing for them… great review xx

  22. Oooooh I Love that box. It would be so perfect for my son. He has a bajillion books and nowhere to put them. Off to check out Tidy Books 😀

  23. I’m glad I read all the way to the end to see that you have to assemble it yourself, but it looks really nice. I especially like that it looks easy to pick up and move.

  24. I always kept a books box in my room . Hahaha wish I was a kid again 😉

  25. This would be perfect for my house! My daughters starting to do the same thing, she likes us to read to her and books get thrown all over the place 🙂 entering giveaway!

  26. What a cute bookshelf! I agree reading to your child everyday is so important. We have bookshelves in each of the kids rooms and in my room too! I think it is also important to let the kids see you reading too so they will know it is something that the parents enjoy. I have my own huge collection of books. 🙂

  27. Such a cute box! If I only was a kid again!

  28. I so want this! How adorable and would save our books from getting wrecked. Thanks for the review and giveaway. : )

  29. What a cute box! If I only was a kid again … 🙂

  30. What a stunning piece of children’s furniture, and a great way to encourage children to read xx

  31. I’ve never heard of this company. But this looks sooo cute! I’m going to win it (I hope so, finger crossed)

  32. Oh my goodness! I so want one of these!!

  33. Ohh, I want one!! These are really cute (and useful too!).

  34. My kids love reading so this would be perfect for them. I think its great to start the love of reading early in life!

  35. I love this! I sure wish they had been around when my daughter was little. She loved to read!!

  36. Now that is adorable and something that would get a lot of use. What a great gift to give a little one who loves books.

  37. I love that book it is really nice. I actually would love to have one for my house for my grandchildren.

  38. What a super cute book case! i actually need one too

  39. Thanks for the giveaway, I will surely need one of this tidy box for my little man.

  40. I love the giant clock on the side. Telling time is such a difficult skill for kids, especially with all the digital clocks everywhere now. This is the perfect bookcase for a child’s room or play area.

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