Tips and Requirements For Travel Nursing 

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The concept of doctors and nurses traveling to different locations to fulfill their jobs was introduced in the late 70s to reduce the shortage of nurses in the healthcare sector. Healthcare professionals travel worldwide when there is any requirement or need for healthcare professionals in any area or situation like disaster management, hospitals, or global aid projects. 

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, travel nursing jobs requirements increased, and there were vast requirements for healthcare professionals worldwide who are willing to take up temporary assignments to different countries or places. 

If you wish to know about the requirements for travel nursing, here is the information.


You need to have an experience of 1.5-2 years in the specialty you want to do nursing. Recruiters look for the latest knowledge in that particular field. Good agencies may also look for two years or more of experience. If you join as a travel nurse in the US and carry proper experience certificates, you will be given assignments across the US. 


When going for travel nursing, make sure you have all sufficient certifications. There are also numerous online courses available where you can learn and gain more knowledge and additional certificates that may add to your advantage.

Disclosure of any other information

You must inform or disclose any crucial information about yourself. To be a full-time travel nurse, you must be physically and mentally fit with complete vaccinations or other medical requirements. 

Tips for Travel Nursing

Finding an Agency

Find an agency that provides excellent perks and benefits. The benefits include medical facilities, hotel charges, and car or rental discounts. These few things are essential when you are traveling for jobs. Many agencies have tie-ups with companies that provide great perks, and the salary is also good. 


It is better to apply for your license before going for interviews. There is also a thing called compact licensure that allows you to work in more than one country. Almost 30 countries are participating in compact licensing, including the US. So whenever you renew your license, you should always opt for a compact licensure

Take the first job that is close by

If you are worried about going too far for your first assignment, you don’t have to. You can take your first job closer to your home. However, the general rules of travel nursing require only 50+ miles away from your home. 


Many travel nursing jobs in agencies offer housing facilities too, but it is not free. Either they provide a stipend for it or may charge for the same. But some agencies offer housing as a part of the job. If you choose your agency-provided housing, your agency will contact the apartments available in that area, and you can choose from them. 

Floating between Jobs

As a travel nurse, floating is a part of your job requirement. You have to keep in mind that one hospital is not your permanent job. You are working there because they want to fulfill their short-term requirement, and they didn’t hire you full-time or part-time. It would be best if you are ready to shift whenever the condition is over, and then you will have to move to another location where there is a need for a nurse. 

Travel Nursing is a challenging job, but you can always opt for that if you want to learn and challenge yourself by working in different locations. 

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