Tips For A Successful Beach Wedding

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If you are planning to have a beach wedding, you can consult with Myrtle Beach wedding packages and get the best package for yourself. You will also need to get to know some few things beforehand when you are planning for the beach wedding.

Here are some of the tips which will be included in some of the Myrtle Beach wedding packages to ensure that, you get it right on your wedding day


  • Skip The Big Dress: You can get down the aisle in a long train and a full dress, but being able to walk on the beach and taking photos in the same attire will be next to impossible. If you must wear a large dress, ensure that it can bustle easily.
  • Think Light: Putting on dresses which have lace trim can make it very difficult on the beach as they pick debris very easily. Instead of such, pick one that is made of lightweight fabric like charmeuse or chiffon so that your gown will be able to flow in the breeze of the ocean.
  • Nix The Veil: When you are doing your wedding outside, you have to think twice before going for the long veil. In case it becomes windy, it might be difficult for you and for the photographer too. You will be okay if you chose using fascinator or fresh flowers.
  • Consider An Updo: When deciding on your hairstyle, think of the elements. You will look polished all night if you go for a true and tried updo. If the only option you have is wearing your hair down, then it is best if you invest in the services of a stylist, who will be able to do touch-ups throughout your wedding day.
  • Avoid Heels: Sand will never be friends with heels. Invest in good flat shoes, wedges, sandals, or espadrilles. Get shoes which will not sink into the sand. Ensure that your gown is hemmed with or with no shoes depending on the option that you settle for. Remember that, when hot, the sand can be very hot. To help keep your tootsies cool, invest in an aisle runner constructed of thick flower petals or fabric.
  • Avoid Tun Lines: You need to be careful with unwanted tan lines and sunburns.  You will need to constantly apply sunscreen most especially while you are swimming. This goes for the mothers of the bride and groom, the bridesmaids, and the bride. You will need to plan your bathing suit depending on what you are wearing.
  • Guys Should Be Informal: Save the black wool, tuxedos for the church. For the beach, let the groom and his entourage put on lightweight cotton pants or if need be, Bermuda shorts as they are a great option when it comes to beach weddings.
  • Stay Natural: At the ceremony, you don’t need to be too dressed up. Instead, just highlight the setting of the area as natural as possible. The beach wedding can be all about starfish and shells in the background. Use simple décor and avoid using fussy flowers.


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