Tips for Anxiety Management and Relief & Book Review

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It’s not easy living with anxiety. We all have anxious moments from time to time when life gets overwhelming. Whether you’re diagnosed with anxiety or simply suffer from situational anxiety, the symptoms are quite similar. That’s why I wanted to share some tips for anxiety management and relief today.

Below you’ll find a list of tips that will help you overcome those anxious moments to rest easier and feel more confident in life. You must have a resource to manage and relieve anxiety whenever the symptoms appear and consume you.

Tips for Anxiety Management and Relief

Pause News and Social Media

The first step towards managing anxiety is to reduce the number of hours you spend watching the news and scanning social media. With our current climate in the world, there’s much chaos, sadness, and fearful things going on. You must stay educated about current events while protecting your mental health with a pause every so often to decompress and reset your mental health.

Sing and Dance

There’s nothing quite happier than singing to your favorite music as you dance around the house. If you feel anxiety sneaking up on you then pause everything, get out that playlist, hit play, and start dancing around happily to the beats. Singing and dancing can help get your thoughts away from whatever is starting to cause you anxiety.

Get Some Sleep

While you may not be able to curl up and take a nap every time anxiety hits you, you can try to make sleep a priority during your regularly scheduled routine. This means setting yourself up with a consistent bed time and wake up time. People who go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning tend to have lower levels of anxiety as they can get a better night’s rest.

Read a Book

In the book, Moving Beyond Anxiety: 12 Practical Strategies to Renew Your Mind, Pastor David Chadwick shares his best strategies to renew your mind and relieve anxiety. His 12 practice strategies include Focus on Faith, Pray, Fast, Cast, Consider Creation, Ponder the Prepositions, Remember, Sing, Remember Your Body, Develop an Eternal Perspective, Get Good Teammates, and Realize God Do Not Give You a Spirit of Fear.

About Moving Beyond Anxiety: 12 Practical Strategies to Renew Your Mind

After many years of helping his congregation overcome the worries of the mind, something anxiety causes, Pastor David Chadwick realized that he wanted to spread this practical strategy with the world. In this book, you’ll be able to overcome the fear associated with anxiety through the reading of scripture and immersing yourself in the truth of God. Scripture is Pastor David Chadwick’s main source of helping bring peace among those who want to find practical ways to overcome anxiety.

With the reading of scripture, and practice of his 12 practical strategies to renew your mind, you’ll soon find that you feel more at ease, confident, and relaxed no matter what life tosses at you during this stressful time in our world.

You can buy Moving Beyond Anxiety: 12 Practical Strategies to Renew Your Mind online now or visit to learn more.

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