Tips for Babysitter Safety and the Safety of Your Kids

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Whether you hire a nanny on a regular basis to watch your young children or you have a neighborhood teen who comes by to hang with your tweens, it goes without saying that you want everyone in your home to be as safe and secure as possible whether you’re home or away.

In addition, even if you know and trust your babysitter, you may want to keep an eye on him or her from time to time just to be sure everyone is getting along and having a good time.

In order to ensure that everyone is doing well and they are safe and secure — both the sitter and your kids — while you are out of the house, please consider the following tips.

Invest in a Security Camera System

Security camera systems can help keep your babysitter and your kids safe in a number of ways. For instance, if some nogoodnik is casing the neighborhood and spots security cameras over your doors and windows, he may be less likely to target your home for any criminal activity. Also, if the doorbell rings, the sitter and/or older children can review the footage of who is standing there and decide if it’s okay to answer the door.

You can also install a few security cameras inside the house and use them to keep tabs on what is going on while you are out — knowing you can record what is going on can give you peace of mind.

Avoid Status Updates on Social Media

Another way to help keep your kiddos and their sitter safe while you are out is to avoid posting your plans on social media. As State Farm notes, even if you believe that only your friends, family and colleagues can view your online profiles, you should play it safe and avoid announcing you will be out for the night and are leaving the kids at home. You should also advise your children and the sitter to skip these types of posts; they don’t need to broadcast to their list of friends and acquaintances that Mom and Dad are heading out and they are flying solo with a sitter.

Post a List With Emergency Info

Yes, your kids know their address and your phone number — when they are calm. But in the case of an emergency, even grownups can have difficulty recalling where they live. The Red Cross suggests that parents post an emergency phone list where the kids and the nanny can see it. Include your address, and everyone’s phone numbers on the emergency info sheet, along with the numbers for some trusted friends and neighbors, your pediatrician and the vet where you take your pets. This way, if someone does need to call 911, they can accurately state where they are.

Being Proactive Can Help Boost Safety and Security

It can be unnerving to leave your kids with a nanny or sitter, especially when they are very young and you are getting used to going out without them. But by being proactive and installing a security system, being wise about social media and making sure everyone can reach you or the authorities if need be, you will feel a whole lot more relaxed during these situations.

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