Tips for Choosing High Quality Pillows for Your Home

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In order to get your rest, you need a bed that is firm yet soft to the touch, comfortable and well cushioned. Very few people realize that the pillow that you sleep on is almost as important as the mattress you select. There are many inexpensive pillows that you can buy for your home, but they almost always become flat quickly. The difference between goose and down pillows is mainly price, but either will help to fully support your neck and upper back while sleeping. In terms of comfort and longevity, goose feather pillows are the very best option but duck down feather pillows are a close second. Here’s the rundown on quality pillow options for you and your loved ones.

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The Fluff Factor

Cotton pillows can be quite fluffy, at least directly after you first buy them. Clothes made of cotton last for a long time, but they can also get pilly and thin. All told, you should go for goose or duck down feather pillows if you are looking for pillows that stay fluffy without a lot of work or fuss. They’re a bit more expensive than pillows made with synthetic or cotton fibers, but they also make bedtime a lot cozier. Consider how much easier it will be to get your kids to go to sleep at night when you tuck them in as they rest on down feather pillows.  

Retaining Shape

Full pillows look better, and they also make the best support system for your neck. It can be hard to find a pillow that stays full and yet is pliable enough to mold to the shape of your body. Lesser quality pillows have to be fluffed, and nearly beaten to take shape so that you can rest easy at night. Some people will even periodically wake up several times a night to remold their pillows if they aren’t of a good quality. Get pillows that maintain their shape consistently.

Quality and Durability

When you buy a new pillow, it is going to be light, fluffy and soft. Sleep on it a few times and it might start to get a bit flatter. The ultimate test comes when you need to wash your pillows. Pillows made with synthetic fibers tend to get lumpy and misshapen after going through the wash. Foam pillows are a better bet, but goose and duck down feather pillows can last for years. Consider the fact that feathers help birds to fly and remain airborne. They are durable and natural, which makes them a naturally superior material for pillows.

Babies actually shouldn’t sleep with pillows at all, but toddlers, school age children and teens need comfortable pillows just the same as adults. Avoid having issues with your kids going to sleep by creating a predictable bedtime routine. Whether you give them a kiss before tucking them in or stay around to read a bedtime story, ensure that your family is getting the rest that they need with fluffy, airy, comfortable down feather pillows.

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