Tips for Creating a Home Bar

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Sometimes it’s nice to have a space in the house that is just for adults. An area that is ideal for entertaining guests or going to unwind after a long day to have some fun. For many people, Friday night drinks were one way to do this, but since the lockdowns have kept people away from their favorite bars this year, more and more people have been trying to recreate them at home. While there might have been a spike in home bars getting built in the last 12 months, people have been converting their basements, attics, garages, or garden sheds into home bars for a long time. If this sounds like something you’re interested in doing at home, here are some tips to help you get it just right.

Drinks Dispensers

If you’re going to have a home bar, it needs to be well-stocked, especially when you have friends around for a dinner party or game night! Of course, neatly placing your favorite bottles of gin, whiskey, vodka, or other liquors on the back of the bar will always look good. However, if you want to emulate the feel of your favorite bar in town truly, why not invest in the right drink dispensers for authenticity? You can get a home beer dispenser, wall-mounted optic dispensers for spirits, spirit pourers, etc., all easily online and for a good price.


Having a fridge in your home bar is a must. It will help to keep your beers and wines chilled, as well as being useful for keeping bar snacks and garnishes such as lime and lemon slices fresh. How big your fridge is will all depend on the size of your home bar, but there are plenty of mini-fridges available for those who are working with smaller spaces. Your home bar simply will not be complete without a fridge, so make sure you make getting one a priority.

Pool Table or Other Games

Again, those who are creating a home bar in a smaller space such as a garden shed probably won’t be able to fit in a pool table. However, there are plenty of games you can bring into your home bar that is great for smaller spaces, such as a deck of cards, a chessboard, or trivial pursuit for a pub quiz vibe. You could also get a dartboard if this is your preferred bar game or a games console if this is more your gaming style. These will all be perfect ways to spend rainy afternoons or enjoy some fun with friends when you’re entertaining.


To bring the entire room together, you’ll need to hang up some artwork to create the right look and atmosphere you’re trying to achieve. Some people like to put up neon signs or metal signs; others framed sketches or photography. Perhaps even old advertisements for your favorite liquor brands or famous bars would do the trick? How you choose to decorate your bar will be up to you, but it won’t feel complete without some décor items put about the place.

If you want to create a home bar this year, use these tips to help you put it all together and achieve just the right kind of style and atmosphere you’re going for. Soon your bar will be the hottest drinking spot in town! 

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