Tips for Dressing Baby for Cold Weather

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Having a baby in the cold weather season can prove difficult. You want to make sure your little one is dressed warmly, but not so warm that they’re uncomfortable. I’m featuring an adorable outfit that your little girl will love today but first I wanted to share some tips for dressing baby in cold weather.

If you’re a first time parent, second-time parent, or fifth-time parent, sometimes we all need a reminder of the best ways to dress a baby for cold weather. Here are some tips to help you get that little one dressed in a cute outfit that keeps your baby cozy and warm.

Tips for Dressing Baby for Cold Weather

Add a Layer

If you’re not sure about how warm your baby will be during cold weather you can always opt to layer up. Add one extra layer to your baby’s outfit. This could be an adorable sweater, cardigan or long-sleeve shirt over their onesie for added warmth.

Swaddle for Sleep

During bedtime in cold weather, it’s important to not layer up too much. Having a baby too warm during bedtime can increase the risk of SIDS. Try to use a swaddle to swaddle your baby up in their crib for bedtime warmth during the cold weather season.

Consider a Hat

Select adorable outfits for your baby that includes a hat or hoodie. Having something like the hat or hoodie to put on your baby’s head will help hold more heat in. This is an excellent way to add a fashionable touch to your baby’s outfit too.

Don’t Go Too Puffy

Clothing that’s too puffy or thick can make the car seat unsafe for your baby. Consider removing any fluffy jackets or sweatshirts when you place your baby in their car seat. Having outfits that are too puffy during cold weather season will make the car seat too loose on your little one, reducing the safety of a car seat.

Get High-Quality Clothing

The Dot Ruffle Collar Diamond Knit Set is an excellent outfit option to dress your baby for cold weather. Featuring an embroidered collar that is simply adorable and a matching bonnet you could purchase too, this is a high-quality clothing option for your little girl. You can buy the Dot Ruffle Collar Diamond Knit Set in newborn size up to 24 months. The suggested retail price is $67.95 and has little footies so that your baby can keep their toes warm during cold weather season. Visit the Feltman Brothers website for more details.

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