Tips For Earring Care

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If you have a beautiful pair of earrings that you love, you want to make sure that you take good care of them. Aside from not losing them, earring care should be on the top of your list. I am excited to share with you some tips for keeping your earrings sparkling whether you have had them a week or 5 years!

Take Care Of Your Piercings

The first tip, of course, is taking care of your piercings! You cannot wear beautiful earrings unless you have nice, clean piercings! This includes always washing your hands before touching your pierced ears, regularly washing your ears with soap and water, twisting your earrings a few times daily (I usually do this at breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and putting rubbing alcohol on your ears to keep them nice and clean. I do this about every other week.

Do Not Wear Earrings At The Pool or To The Spa

If you can, avoid wearing your earrings in chlorinated water as they can tarnish your beautiful jewelry and change them colors.

Do Not Put Lotion or Perfume On Your Jewelry

Lotion and perfume can also tarnish the color of your earrings, so it is best to keep these chemicals away from your ears.

Put Your Earrings On After You Put Your Clothes On

I have lost count of how many times I have lost an earring because I put my earrings on first before putting my shirt over my head. It never fails – it gets stuck in the shirt and goes flying and then I have to search the house for it. Not fun. So, put your shirt/dress on first, then your earrings!

What other tips would you add to your list? I would love to hear them below in the comments!

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  1. Bri says

    So many good tips! I’ll have to keep them in mind moving forward!

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