5 Tips for Finding a Safe Online Pharmacy

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During this crazy time of quarantine and social distancing, finding a safe online pharmacy may be vital to your health and safety. 

Unfortunately, with the increase in online shopping, there has also been an increase in online scams.

So how do you avoid being taken advantage of online and find the right online pharmacy?

Here are 5 tips for finding a safe online pharmacy that you can rely on.

1. Make Sure They Require a Prescription

Just because you are purchasing the medication online does not mean they should cut any corners. If an online pharmacy does not require that you provide a prescription, that’s a serious issue.

Some phoney pharmacies try to offer a doctor who will “write a prescription for you.” They suggest that you do not need any physical exam. This is another bad sign.

No legitimate Canadian pharmacy will allow you to purchase medicine without an actual prescription from your doctor. This article may provide further insight into what kind of service quality online pharmacies may provide.

2. Check For a Physical Address

Play it safe and review the website to makes sure it has an address in either the United States or Canada. 

You may need to do some Googling to see if the address they have listed has a physical street address. If it doesn’t have a real location, it could be unreliable or a scam.

P.O. boxes could also indicate that the pharmacy is not really located where they say they are–another bad sign.

TIP: Check these alternatives to drugs.

3. Be Wary of Strange Pricing

Part of the appeal of shopping from online pharmacies is the lower cost for many medications. However, one thing to look out for when trying to find the safe best online pharmacy are unusually low prices.

While it’s valuable to compare prices between several online pharmacies, the average prices for prescription drugs shouldn’t vary too much.

If the online pharmacy you’re looking at has prices that seem “too good to be true,” they probably are.

4. Check Their Licensing

In the United States pharmacists as well as pharmacies can only practice if they are licensed by state board examinations. The NABP, or National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, offers verification for online pharmacies.

If your online pharmacy is licensed, they should have the VIPPS seal on their website.

VIPPS, or the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites, reviews all the practices of the pharmacy to ensure you are getting the proper medications and methods for filling them.

5. Check for FDA Approval

The FDA also works to make sure pharmacies are licensed properly. If the online pharmacy you’re purchasing medications from does not have FDA approval, it’s not a good idea.

FDA approval means the medications you are purchasing have been reviewed and approved. It also means the medications have not been imported into the United States illegally.

Finding a Safe Online Pharmacy Today

Changes to your health coverage, rising medication prices, or a need for greater social distancing may have you looking for a safe online pharmacy.

Before making a purchase, be sure to do your due diligence. Research the pharmacy, it’s location, and it’s licensing. Don’t try to cut corners to save money.

When it comes to your health and safety, buying from a sketchy pharmacy is not worth the risk.

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