Tips for Foreigners Giving Birth in Bangkok, Thailand

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It cannot be denied that having a baby brings immeasurable joy, and is a life-changing moment in time. An expectant mother has a natural instinct to protect her baby, not just after they are born, but also during the months she carries her baby. This fact of nature is true throughout the world. 

Foreigners living in Bangkok have no need to worry about the quality of care that they can expect when they choose to have a baby. The capital of Thailand is blessed with world-class, internationally accredited, medical facilities covering all aspects of healthcare, including that of expectant mothers. But just the same as in any other country, the expectant mother has many things to consider.

An expectant mother’s care for her baby starts long before the child’s birth. There is much to do in preparation for the forthcoming event, many of them fun, joyous tasks. Choosing names, buying baby clothes and creating your perfect nursery are an enjoyable part of bringing new life into the world. 

But there are also far more serious factors to be considered as part of the overall care for an unborn child. In most cases, there will be between 6 and 9 months of prenatal care for an expectant mother to consider. From the moment a pregnancy test gives a positive result, the adrenalin will start to flow. The euphoria is to be enjoyed, but it is important to come down to earth and think rationally.

The Right Decisions for Mother and Baby

From the moment go, taking care of mum is of utmost importance. Most maternity experts will agree that the first trimester is the most vital for the unborn child. This is when all its major functional systems develop, thus mum must be fully aware of her own health and lifestyle.

Drinking and smoking should be out of the question, as should any dangerous or risky physical activities. A high nutrient diet must become the order of the day. Be aware of your levels of vitamin and mineral intake, remember, baby feeds off of what mum feeds. A healthy mum means a healthier baby. 

Be under no illusions, having a baby is hard work. An expectant mother must give consideration to her professional life, on this issue a balance may need to be drawn between downtime and an individual’s financial pressures. Although these circumstances will be different for every expectant mother, it is important to give thought to how the work schedule can be adjusted to ensure that mum gets sufficient rest during pregnancy and after the child is born. 

The mother must give serious thought to her birth plan. There may be a desire for a water birth, or maybe not. Do you want an epidural, or not, or perhaps a cesarean birth? Whatever the preferences, it is important to be open and clear about your birth plan with your healthcare team. However, it must be remembered that all plans need to flexible. On occasions, things don’t go as planned and alternative medical intervention may be required in order to safeguard the wellbeing of mother and baby. 

What of mother’s personal hospital essentials? Give thought to what you will take with you in your hospital bag. The basic essentials are perhaps obvious, but labor doesn’t stick to a time table, so make sure your bag is ready and contains all you need for up to a couple of days. As well as the absolute essentials, think about those favorite things that, with which, you always feel a little more comfortable, a few of your home comforts can be very comforting.

Your family and friends are likely to be delighted that you will be having a baby, and overjoyed for you once the baby arrives. You can be sure they will be eager to visit you and the new arrival in the hospital as soon as possible. Give some thought to this before you go into labor. After delivering your precious newcomer you will be in need of rest, too many visitors too early can be tiring. Speak to your family and friends and keep visiting to manageable levels and at times that suit you, not them.

With so much to do and think about, discussing issues and seeking advice is vital, and it is best done with your partner and healthcare team. The professionals can answer all your questions, put your mind at rest on many of the issues associated with having a baby and shed light on aspects that you may not have even considered. Your healthcare team is there to be with you throughout your journey to motherhood.

Your Most Important Decision 

Of all the things to consider and the decisions to be made, the most important one is the selection of your healthcare team and which of Bangkok’s world-class medical establishments they operate from. An unborn child is precious, just as mum is, and both deserve quality care by dedicated, qualified professionals. It can be said that in Bangkok you may be spoilt for choice with its many internationally accredited establishments.

Choose your hospital carefully, visit the establishment and talk to the healthcare team that, with whom, you will be trusting the care of yourself and your unborn child. If, for any reason at all, you don’t feel comfortable with the team or the hospital, seek an alternative. Remember, you are under no obligation to anyone, you have the choice. 

Be Selective, the Choice is Yours

In Bangkok, choices you most certainly have. The kingdom is now recognized by numerous professional medical bodies as leading the world in quality and value in all aspects of medical treatment. The kingdom can now boast in excess of 60 establishments that have gained the Gold Standard from the Joint Commission of International Accreditation and the Medical Quality Alliance, and this includes pre and post-natal care.

Against this comprehensive backdrop of internationally recognized establishments, you are sure to find an establishment with which you feel comfortable and confident, and one which will also be local and convenient. 

The vast majority of these accredited hospitals and clinics have English speaking professionals that are Western-trained. They are fully conversant with all the up-to-date treatments and birthing trends, they operate from modern, well-equipped establishments across the capital and all have one thing in common. They are all committed and dedicated to the care of mother and baby.

So, all expectant mothers can feel assured of quality care and advice during and after their pregnancy in Bangkok. Take advantage of Bangkok’s outstanding medical facilities and practitioners, and along with its deserved reputation, be assured of quality world-class care.

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