Tips for Getting Back To Work After Having a Baby

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As a new mum, it’s natural that you will experience lots of emotions as you leave your child behind and go back to work. Many moms in your situation have reported feeling sad, guilty, and anxious. However, you can’t let these emotions get in the way— you have to soldier on and do whatever you can to make sure that you give your best, both at work and at home.  

Here are 3 crucial tips for getting back to work after having a baby:

Figure out the logistics before you have to go back

When you get back to work, you will be juggling a lot of competing responsibilities between work and your duties as a mum, so you should expect things are going to feel overwhelming. Managing being a mum and having a job isn’t easy. To give yourself the best chance of managing overwhelm, figure out all the logistics you’ll be dealing with in the final days of your maternity leave. You need to come up with a whole new morning routine so that you don’t find yourself running late on your first day back. Figure out everything you need to manage in the morning, when you will be feeding the baby, what you will need to pack into the baby’s bag for the childcare center (create a list so that you don’t forget something important), and how long your drive to work via the childcare center is going to take. On the first morning you might be wise to build in a little settling in time when you drop your child off for the first time, your child is likely to be overwhelmed too, this will be a completely new environment and the first time you leave your child in daycare, it can be unsettling for both mother and child.

This next suggestion may sound a little ‘over the top’, but to make sure that your planned morning routine is foolproof, you could do a test run. During a workday morning, get up early and go through all the motions of getting ready, you can even drive to the daycare center. This way you won’t be late on your first morning because of unexpected traffic or some other issue that was unforeseeable without taking the time to fully go through your morning routine. Make your trial commute at the exact time that you will be doing it when you get back to work— this will help you figure out if morning traffic conditions could interfere with your plans. The last thing you want is to be late or feel rushed on your first day back to work.

Carefully choose a childcare service

As a new mum, you won’t be able to concentrate on your work if you have doubts about the quality of childcare that your baby is receiving. Before getting back, you should look around your area to find the best childcare center you can. If you are lucky enough to work in a place that has an in-house childcare center, or if you have family members that are eager to watch the baby as you go to work, you can take advantage of those options. However, if you are like most mums, you will have to start vetting childcare centers that are close to both your home and your office.

First, you need to vet the center’s feeding program. How often will they be feeding your baby? If you are breastfeeding, can you give them milk bottles to feed the baby while you are at work? If they provide baby formulae, what specific brands will they be using?  If your baby is ready for solid foods, what will they be feeding baby, and does their menu include enough items to provide a balanced diet? Make sure that you get satisfactory answers for all of these questions.

You will also want to check out the staff and observe how they interact with the children in their care. It’s important that you feel confident in their capacity to accommodate all of the children’s varying needs as they grow. Do they create a warm nurturing environment where your child will feel at home? How do they manage poor behavior when it happens? As they get older what kind of program do they run for stimulating young bodies and minds and discovering the world around them?

Children can be challenging so you will want to be sure the people who you are entrusting with your child will have the right mix of being caring and encouraging but will also be firm when needed. You will probably have a lot of questions about the quality of care, but as you get them answered remember to take note of how you feel in each center you check out because if you feel at ease it’s likely that your child will too.

Childcare centers with questionable standards of hygiene can be a new mum’s worst nightmare. When it comes to the hygienic status of a childcare center, your hypervigilance is fully warranted. You should carry out an inspection of the childcare center to see if the facility is hygienic. Smart Cleaning Solutions, Australia’s leading provider of commercial cleaning services, has written a blog about the importance of hygienic childcare services.

Make a Pre-Work Visit

Don’t wait for your day back before you walk into the office. A really good idea is to plan a drop in to the office in the days leading up to the end of your leave. If you return to work abruptly, the shock and stress of that change could affect your job performance or even your mental health. Before you officially get back, bring the baby to the office during one afternoon in the middle of the week, catch up with your colleagues, and let them meet the latest addition to your family (everyone loves babies!). When you are there, try performing a few light duties. This will help you adjust and prepare for your full-time job.

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