Tips for Keeping the Air in Your Home Healthy This Winter

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The quality of the air you breathe at home plays an essential role in you and your family’s health. Poor air quality may lead to several sicknesses, which is why knowing how to filter your air at home is vital. This role is particularly crucial during the winter season, as you’d be less likely to open up your windows to allow air to circulate. Here are some easy tips you need to know for the winter season.

  1. Vents and Exhaust Fans

Windows allow clean air to continuously enter and circulate the room. But if you don’t have access to your windows especially during the winter, a good alternative is having vents and exhaust fans. These vents and fans can carry polluted air out of your homes, and bring in the fresh air. You won’t be needing to open your windows anymore, and you’d still have access to fresh air.

Using vents and exhaust help prevent the accumulation of extra moisture, which can lead to molds developing, among others. Vents and exhaust are essential tools for air ventilation, and its usually found in the kitchen area. Vents and exhaust are also good alternatives for people living in small apartments and who don’t have big windows. Alternatively, a dehumidifier can be used to reduce excess moisture.

  1. Beeswax Candles

Wintertime is the best time to whip out your scented candles and serve its purpose of keeping your home warm and smell pleasant. However, consider using beeswax candles instead as it shows that these types of candles are practical tools at soothing and neutralizing your air at home. Lighting beeswax candles at home involve a scientific phenomenon of cleaning the air indoors when no access to windows is available.

Beeswax candles are a good alternative, and they serve as purifiers. Instead of using scented candles to warm your home, give beeswax candles a chance. Not only are you heating your home, but they can neutralize toxic air circulating the home. The candles are perfect for people who have asthma, as beeswax candles can also remove allergens. 

  1. Stay Clean

One of the essential things you can do is to keep your home clean during the winter season. Start by making a habit of removing your shoes before entering your homes. The sole of your shoes contain different kinds of dirt and bacteria, and you don’t want to bring it to your home. Make sure to leave your shoes outside or in one place, which can help keep your air clean.

If you have pets at home, consider getting them groomed or bathing them regularly. Your pets’ dander is allergens which can lead to allergic reactions, and are detrimental for people with asthma. Don’t forget to also vacuum your homes, to prevent allergens from spreading. 

  1. Houseplants

Plants are effective alternatives for purifying and rejuvenating the air around your home. It helps prevent any pollutants from circulating the air, and it’s also an excellent design alternative. Utilize plants in places which are frequented by people at home, so that the air is continuously filtered. You can do this in the living room, kitchen spaces, and even the restroom. Make sure to select plants that can adapt indoors, and don’t require too much sunlight. You want to make sure that it can thrive with only indirect sunlight.

Plants at home play a significant role in improving air, and there are various selections to choose from. You can choose plants that will best suit your aesthetic. However, always remember that these plants should also be watered and that you’d select a houseplant which works best at purifying the air. 

  1. Oil Diffusers and Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are a standard solution for many people who live in small spaces and no access to windows. It’s no surprise that many people are using purifiers these days, especially since it helps clean the air all day round. Some use essential oils with their diffusers, which adds a benefit of neutralizing the bacteria at home. Make sure to select the effect of an oil diffuser, like eucalyptus and rosemary, which are effective at reducing dust mites at home.

Oil diffusers are also an excellent alternative to chemical-filled substances, which makes it an ideal choice for keeping your air clean and natural. Essential oils are known for fighting different kinds of bacteria, and it can leave your home smelling pleasant. Find the answer on, and check out products you can score to help make your air at home healthy and clean. 

There are many ways to keep your air at home healthy, and you’d want to visit this page now. Remember that there always natural alternatives out there to choose from to make your home warm and clean during the winter season. 


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