Tips for Moving Long Distance with Pets

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Moving with pets is not always easy, moving a long distance can be even harder. Pets can get stressed out quite easily and while there is no easy way to move them you can make things easier for them. 

Andrew Anderson from – Oakland and east bay moving company, shares some tips that could reduce your pet’s stress levels and yours:

  1. Move your Pets Away From the Busy Areas

It is important that you ensure your pets are as stress-free as possible. It is, therefore, important that you move them to a quiet room on the day of the move. They will not be happy to see people pick up your boxes and load them into a truck. So, put them in a room, or in your garage so they’re out of the way.

Always make sure your pets have access to enough water and food as they could be there for quite a while. 

If you have the chance to, leave your pets in a kennel while the moving truck is being loaded and unloaded. Your pets can have a mini-vacation while you get on with sorting out your old home and your new one. 

  1. Contact your Vet

If you are moving a long distance you should let your vet know. This is so you’re able to take vet records and any medication with you. Ask your vet if they can recommend a vet in your new town. 

  1. Have an Overnight Kit

Have you packed an overnight kit for yourself? You also need to pack one for your pets. Make sure all of your pets have enough food, toys, grooming products, and kitty litter. This can help them to feel more comfortable. 

  1. Transport your Pets to Your New Place

When it comes to taking your pets to your new place make sure they are transported in your vehicle. Put small dogs and cats in a carrier on the back seat and secure it with a seatbelt. Consider placing a blanket over the carrier so they cannot see what’s going on outside of the car. Larger dogs may have to be put in the back of a car. 

  1. Make Sure your Pet is Secluded

Place your pet in a room before you introduce them to the whole of the house. This will allow your pet to adjust to their new surroundings slowly but surely. You should also consider introducing some of their toys and blankets as soon as possible so they feel more at home. Think about all of those things you would love to have around you when you move. Your dog or cat may also need a few familiar things around them. 

  1. Update Your Pet’s Information

Once you have moved house it’s important that you update your pet’s microchip or the tags. Add your new address and telephone number so that they can be found if they get lost. 

  1. When you Need to Move Fish

Fish can be pretty traumatized by a house move. Moving them a short distance is usually ok but a long distance could prove to be fatal. Consider re-homing your fish as they’re more likely to be happy moving a short distance. Once your fish has been re-homed it will be time to empty and clean the tank. When you’ve unpacked your tank in your new place you can fill it with new fish if you wish to. 

  1. When you Need to Move Birds

Birds can get quite nervous when you move house and change the scenery around them. Make sure you keep your bird in its cage on moving day no matter how well-trained they are. There is always a chance they will get scared and fly away. 

  1. When you Need to Move Guinea Pigs

When you move a guinea pig make sure they are transported in a small, comfortable, and warm carrier. Guinea pigs do not like change and they don’t like being moved around. Make sure they are cozy when they are being transported to your new place and they’ll be much happier.

Use the above tips to help you move a long distance with pets.

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