Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters

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Having a picky eater in the house can make it almost impossible to feed a nutritious meal to the entire family. Picky eaters come in all sizes and ages, they’re kids who simply can’t handle trying new foods or having their separate food items touching.

With the onset of more kids being picky eaters, I wanted to share some tips for parents of picky eaters. Today you’ll learn some tips and tricks to get those picky eaters eating food and complaining less.

Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters

Use Non-Food Rewards

If your picky eater is out of control and simply lacking in nutrition from their stubborn nature of having a picky palate. Then you could try to encourage your picky eater to try new food options through the use of non-food rewards. Create a sticker reward chart or earned playtime for trying new food. This will help encourage your picky eater to start trying new food options.

Get Kids Involved in Meal Prep

Kids who get involved with meal prep and grocery shopping are more likely to try new foods. You can have your picky eater start selecting one unfavorable food item per week during your grocery shopping trip. Each night have your child help with the preparation of mealtime to encourage them to want to try these unfavorable food options because they helped make them.

Give Small Portion of Unfavorable Food

Rather than serving your picky eater a full serving of their less than favorite food options, put a small portion amount of the unfavorable food on your picky eater’s plate. Using this method you’d introduce a small portion of a new food or unfavorable food option to your picky eater, requesting that they try it before consuming the other parts of their meal.

If you want to get your picky eaters trying new food and embracing a healthier lifestyle, then you need to try Food Cubby!

About Food Cubby

This semi-circle shaped food separator will help parents of picky eaters everywhere. This BPA-free food-grade silicone food assistant can suction onto any surface to help picky eaters who have a problem with their food touching, need portion control guidance, or don’t like to scoop up their food.

Food Cubby can create a liquid-free seal with its suction cup bottom. This makes it easy to place Food Cubby on your picky eater’s plate to separate their food during mealtime. Every Food Cubby pack comes with a larger and smaller size semi-circle making it easy to use this food separator on small and large plates.

Your picky eater can now easily scoop the last of their food up with their utensils, have zero issues with food touching each other, and start eating better portion sizes of their food at mealtime using Food Cubby. This product is available on Amazon as well as the Food Cubby website.

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  1. Neely Moldovan says

    So helpful! I have a semi picky eater and hes getting better but these will help!

  2. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says

    I will use your tips when I make meals for my grandson. He is such a picky eater and would not eat “plants.” I think a sticker book would be a good idea. I will get that one ready for next week.

  3. That’s an interesting idea, I’ve never seen a separator like that before! When I was a kid the one food I hated was carrots. I was told that they “would help me see good” LOL. I tried them with a little cinnamon and that seemed to be the best incentive.


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