6 Tips for Picking Your Wedding Jewelry

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Planning your wedding can be an overwhelming experience – there’s so much to think about! But you can make choosing your jewelry for your special day a breeze with these quick tips and ideas.

Here are six tips to remember as your shop.

1. Match your jewelry with your dress

Your wedding jewelry should complement your dress in every way. Match up the metal color with the dress color:

  • Silver is best for white gowns
  • Gold enhances softer, creamier colors like champagne and ivory.
  • If you’ve opted for a wedding gown in blush, rose gold accessories will chime with the pink hues of the dress.

Make sure your jewelry suits the neckline of your dress as well:

  • V-neck dresses go well with pendant necklaces, or even layers of delicate pieces.
  • Sweetheart and strapless necklines work perfectly with chokers and short necklaces.
  • If you’re wedding dress is a halter neck, it may be hard to find a necklace that works. Instead, consider statement earrings of a hairpiece as the focal point for your jewelry. You can also wear cherry earrings which matches your dress.

2. Introduce color

Bridal jewelry doesn’t have to stick to the neutral palette of golds, silvers, and diamonds. Jewelry is a great way to add subtle hints of color to your bridal attire.

As with metal color, make sure the stones you pick complement the color of your dress. Jewelry with purple gemstones, for example, looks perfect with bright white gowns.

You may also consider tying in the color of jewelery stones with the rest of your color scheme. Think about the shades in your flowers, decorations, and bridesmaid dresses for inspiration. Jewelry that matches a colored bridal manicure is also a great way to look polished without matching in an over-the-top way.

3. Keep it simple

It can be easy to go overboard with accessories for your wedding day, so remember that you don’t have to wear absolutely everything. If you’re wearing a tiara, for example, don’t overshadow it with a statement necklace. Remember, bridal jewelry should help emphasize your beautiful dress, not steal focus! 

4. Make jewelry on theme

If you have a particular theme or style for your wedding, use it as inspiration for your jewelry. Outdoor or beach weddings call for more laid-back pieces, such as anklets and layered bracelets, while pearls look great for a vintage-style wedding .

Overall, simply use factors such as the style of your dress and the hairstyle you’ll be wearing to help inform your decisions. A simple gown might call for more complex and varied accessories. Meanwhile, an elegant up-do provides a great opportunity to dazzle with statement earrings.

5. Stay true to your style

You want to look like yourself on your wedding day, so don’t opt for accessories that don’t suit you, or that you wouldn’t normally wear. If you don’t feel comfortable with a large, glitzy choker, don’t wear one!

You can still include personality in your jewelry without going over the top, or distracting from your wedding dress. Consider choosing one piece that really represents your style, and balance it out with other understated accessories.

6. Invest in something you can wear again

While you never get to wear your wedding gown again, this doesn’t have to be true of your bridal jewelry. When picking out accessories, consider opting for good quality, timeless pieces that you can wear time and time again. This makes it even more important that you choose jewelry that you genuinely love, and never feel obliged

Why not choose a matching set of jewelry to wear again on special occasions, or even a simple pendant that you could wear every day? Your bridal accessories are a great way to remember your special day every time you wear them!

Don’t Get Stressed Out

Remember – choosing your bridal accessories should be a fun and exciting experience, not a stressor. Keep these tips in mind to help you look perfectly polished on your big day!

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