9 Tips For Planning A Baby Shower

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A new life coming into the world is a fantastic cause for a celebration, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a fun baby shower. These celebrations happen every single day. In North Dakota alone, there are 11,000 births each year. And now, your friend needs your help. If you’ve been enlisted to help plan their baby shower, here are a few tips to keep your planning on track.

Pick a Date and Create A Guest List

Have your friend select a few options as far as day and time for the baby shower. Picking one that works best will be a crucial step in helping you create a list of guests to invite. Most baby showers are held about seven months into a pregnancy, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing a date. Once you’ve done that, you can start sending out your invitations to the finalized guest list.

Make A Budget

Determine how much is realistically available to spend. Baby showers don’t have to be expensive. Having a budget will help keep costs under control while you help your friend select a venue, decorations, and activities. The guest list will help you figure out how much food you will need for the special event. Discuss with your friend what they’d like to have for the event so you can make plans that will fit with the budget on hand.

Pick A Fun Theme

The first major decision for planning a baby shower is picking a fun theme. You can choose something like your parent-to-be friend’s favorite animal, something seasonal, or something culturally relevant to the parents-to-be. Consider picking a fun location to center your theme around such as a park, local zoo, or an ethnic cuisine restaurant.

Once you know what theme your friend wants for their shower, you can then decide on all the minor details like colors, decorations, balloons, and games that go along with the theme. Pick three basic colors for your theme that you can use for all your decorations and accessories like plates, napkins, balloons, place cards, and pennants.

Consider Reusable Decorations

When it comes to decorating for your friend’s shower, consider decorating with items the new mom can use for the baby. One idea is to make a “cake” using disposable diapers with a cute stuffed animal sitting on top. You could also make a banner out of baby bibs and ribbon. If your friend has already selected a baby name, you can personalize the baby shower with a banner featuring the baby’s name, its meaning, and why the name was chosen. This makes a fantastic decoration for the new nursery, as well.

Don’t Forget Invitations and Thank You Cards

Pick out invitation cards that go along with your theme and send them out to guests at least six weeks prior to the event. This will give everyone enough time to RSVP and shop for gifts. It also allows them time to find a babysitter if you won’t be allowing small children to attend.

Set up thank you cards for the new mother for when the party is over. You can do this by using the guest list to address all of the thank you card envelopes in advance. During the party, you can also keep notes on what each guest gives and present both the list and the pre-addressed envelopes to your friend at the end of their shower. This makes it so much easier for the new parents to show their appreciation to everyone who attended.

Plan The Menu

The food and beverages you serve will depend on your budget. It should be tailored towards what your friend likes and is able to eat regarding any dietary restrictions during the pregnancy. You can keep things simple with easy appetizers and finger foods or opt for a buffet of various hot comfort foods. Items such as popcorn, veggie platters, chips, crackers and cheese, and mini sandwiches are easy for guests to grab and manage while they mingle at the party. Fun desserts like brownies, cupcakes, cake pops, and cookies are popular crowd favorites.

Plan Fun Activities

There are numerous kid-friendly games you can find available online for your friend’s baby shower. Children will have tons of fun with activities like a baby bottle drink off or a blindfolded baby food guessing contest. Get them physically active with a race to the finish line while having huge inflated balloons tucked under their shirts. You can also see who can dress a baby doll the fastest. Have some small fun rewards for whoever wins.

Almost two-thirds of parents already worry that their children spend too much time attached to electronic devices. So, get any children attending your friend’s baby shower engaged in some fun activities and games they can enjoy. You may even want to consider having your friend’s baby shower held at a local park so kids can run and play.

Baby Shower Favors

Baby shower favors are a fantastic way to thank guests for attending. These parting gifts don’t have to be expensive. Some ideas include gift cards, candy, picture frames, candles, bubble bath, and scented soaps. Place these tokens in a theme-colored gift bag and personally hand them out to guests as they leave.

Clean-Up Tips

You can catch a cold within three days after coming into contact with someone who has the virus. So make sure you wipe down everything with disinfectant wipes after guests leave. You don’t want to risk getting sick while you are pregnant! Have large black plastic bags ready to clean up wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows as the new mother opens her gifts from guests.

Planning your first baby shower can be incredibly fun and exciting. Help your pregnant friend relax and have a good time with these nine tips on planning your first-ever baby shower. Make it special and memorable for everyone as they celebrate the upcoming birth surrounded by family and friends.

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