5 Tips For Planning The Perfect Kid’s Party Without Going Overboard

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We all know what it’s like to feel the financial crunch of putting food on the table, keeping the gas tank full and paying, as well as buying groceries and paying all our other month-end expenses. We all want to plan the perfect birthday party for our child, but the party budget is not always up to scratch with what you have in mind. However, instead of emphasizing on the things you can’t afford, think outside of the box and plan a memorable party within a small budget that is still going to be meaningful for everyone involved.

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Do Some Things Yourself

Don’t go overboard and fall for the temptations that befalls you in the shopping aisles. Shops are clever at packing everything in one spot, making it hard for parents to resist. Remember, everything costs money and you can save some cash by doing some things yourself. For instance, baking and decorating the cake yourself can save you a pretty penny as opposed to buying a professionally made cake.

Steer Clear From Branded Products

Remember, party supplies that are branded tends to be a lot more expensive than generic ones. Instead of paying too much on paper cups, napkins and plates, rather go for generic types and utilize the extra money on something else that is more meaningful or fun, like spending a tad more on the birthday gift or opt for bounce house rentals Jacksonville FL that will make the party just that little extra special. Kids love bounce houses and it keeps them occupied for hours.


Remember party supplies can be reused along the line. If you’re clever about choosing a timeless theme, the decorations can be used over and again. Instead of buying expensive paper that is getting destroyed in seconds when the gift is unwrapped, why not make your own reusable fabric gift sacks? They can be used again, and you’ll be doing the environment a favour.

Party Food And Drinks

People should realize that you can’t be expected to serve a full-blown meal at your child’s birthday party. Plan to have the party at a time which doesn’t fall on lunch or dinner to give guests the assumption that there will be a meal served. Instead of buying individual cooldrinks or juice boxes, it will be more cost-effective to buy 2 Litre cooldrinks and serve cooldrink in paper cups. If you plan on serving a meal, opt for something affordable like casserole or mincemeat and rice.

Prioritize Your Spending

Before buying unnecessary stuff, first ask yourself if you really need it. Party favors are a hit at most parties, but they aren’t a necessity, particularly with younger children that may not even notice. It is understandable that you want to make your child’s birthday extra special, but you don’t have to go overboard with entertainment. You don’t have to hire clowns, a bouncy castle and magicians to keep them entertained. Pick one that you think would be most enjoyable and allow the kids to entertain themselves by playing games, the way we used to do in the old days. 

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