Tips for the Best Hen Party Ever

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Hen Party

Your best friend is getting married soon, and you’re in charge of the hen party. You book a hens party venue that you think everyone will like, but you’re still unsure how you can make this the best party ever. After all, in an ideal world, she’ll only have one of these, right?

If you’re worried that your party won’t impress, then here are a few ideas to help!

1. Work on the Guest List

If you’ve been charged with creating the hen night guest list, then you’ve been given a great responsibility. A good idea, if possible, is to dilute it somewhat by enlisting the help of other close friends that the bride-to-be trusts. If each of you make it their job to bring in a fixed number and secure their RSVPs as soon as possible, then you’re sure to get the right group together for a fun time.

For a really fun hen night, focus on the quality of guests on the list rather than quantity. It’s an event normally only attended by the bride’s closest friends, so work with your girlfriends and come up with the perfect (and compact) list, none of whom will create any trouble or conflict with others in the party.

2. Well-Tailored Surprises for the Bride

To make a hen night more special, it’s another good idea to create at least one very personal surprise that’s tailored to the woman of the hour. It could be the attendance of a friend that they haven’t seen for a long time and was expected not to make it, for example. Alternatively, the venue might house some specific memory or surprise connected with the bride and her fiance.

Other ideas could be surprise activities during the course of the evening that you know the bride will especially enjoy. The more personal the surprises are, and the more particular to the bride, the greater the occasion will feel.

3. Special Hair-Do and Make-Up Job

No hen night is truly complete without a special hair-do and make-up job for the bride. If the bride requests that you all join in the mad hair and makeup shenanigans, then do so. It’s her night, after all. It’s customary, however, to somehow set the bride apart as you set out on the hen night, so be sure to make hers extra special, whatever that means for your particular group.

4. Costumes

Besides hair and make-up, funny costumes and even a theme are another way to make a hen-do more fun. Traditions include a tiara for the bride, or a beauty queen sash. She might wear an American style tacky prom dress, or perhaps your group has more of an inside joke you could play into with the costume theme. Bringing everyone in on the costume fun is great but always remember to help the bride stand out and feel special.

5. Entertainment

And now we come to the key matter of entertainment for the hen party. Will you go down the route some expect and hire a male dancer to come along? That can be fun and exciting, but why not really make things pop with an entire troupe of male dancers? If not, how about a band? When you’re planning a hen night…the key word for entertainment really has to be

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