Tips on Getting Your Career Back on Track Postpartum

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You may be feeling more anxious as your maternity-break slowly slips away. A large part of it is likely due to separation anxiety that most mothers experience. On the other hand, you could be worried about re-integrating into the workplace after a period of absence.

Both concerns are valid and can feel quite overwhelming. However, there are ways you can make it easier for yourself to deliver on both roles. 

Here are some tips to help you navigate returning to the work scene

Find Reliable Child-care

Finding a good caregiver for your child is essential if you are to get back on your career path. It is, therefore, one of the most crucial parts of your preparation process.

Finding a Nanny

If you have had a nanny to help you while you were home, it would be much easier to keep them on. However, if you did not, consider starting your search weeks before your return-to-work date. It can be a lengthy process requiring several tries before you find the right fit.

Recommendations from friends or family are a good place to start your search. Alternatively, you could opt to use a professional hiring service. 

Qualities to Look For

When choosing a nanny it would be prudent to do due diligence on them and be thorough in your interviews too. Other than experience in caring for infants, there are other essential qualities to look out for. They may include:

  • A kind persona
  • First aid skills
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Reliability 
  • Good health and hygiene

Lean on Your Support System

There is an emotional aspect involved in adjusting to a new work-life balance. As you get back into your career, you could easily find yourself overwhelmed and feeling like you are failing at everything. Having a support system to rely on can help ease the weight of it all.

If you have a partner, you should work through this period together. Find ways to share responsibilities around the home so that you have time to catch up on work. It may also go a long way in keeping your relationship bond strong amidst such a major transition.

Should you find yourself alone on the motherhood journey, lean on family and friends. Online mommy forums with healthy interactions can also be havens of allyship and they offer lots of helpful tips too.

Navigate Re-entry

As you get back into the thick of things at work, you may need to address issues involving:



It is likely that you may still be breastfeeding or lactating. As a result, you will need to express breast milk to prevent discomfort and infections. 

Work culture in most organizations is shifting to accommodate such needs with facilities like conducive breast pumping areas. If you have none at your workplace, you may need to make separate arrangements. It is essential to plan for this so that you do not find yourself stranded on the first day back.

Flexi Hours

Some organizations offer their staff a flexible work schedule where they can come in slightly later or leave earlier. It may not be stated in the contract but you could make an effort to find out. Such a provision could prove useful for durations such as teething or immunizations when children can be overly fussy.

Catching Up

You may have been staying up-to-date on work issues but it is not the same as actually being present. Be kind to yourself as you adjust back into the flow of things. 

It might take you much longer to figure everything out on your own, instead, ask for help. In most cases, someone was seeing to your work assignments in your absence. Have a session with them to help you catch up on everything you need to know.

Explore New Frontiers

Post-birth health challenges or untenable job schedules sometimes make it impossible for new moms to return to their previous jobs. On the other hand, having a baby can alter how you see the world. You may realize that your interests have changed and you would like to pursue new paths. Whichever the case, changing careers becomes inevitable.

There is no better time to take on new projects than when you feel inspired. It is understandable that you may feel nervous but do not let that hold you back. Take the leap and start that business or apply for that new job. You are more likely to fare better when you follow the professional path that you desire.

Image Matters


Pregnancy and the postpartum duration come with significant bodily changes. Weight changes, hair loss, and skin sensitivity are some of the issues you may be facing. If such concerns are not addressed, they can affect your mood, confidence, and even performance.

In the professional world, image is of great importance. Take some time to get your closet in order. Consider getting some new chic outfits to give you an extra boost of confidence.

When it comes to grooming products, aim for those that are gentle and replenishing. Look out for brands that are intentional about their ingredients such as those that use private label manufacturers. Visit to learn more about quality formulation processes. You could even try your hand at creating products for fellow moms.


In all spheres of life, foresight, and planning make a big difference. They are the key to managing major transitional challenges such as those of reigniting a career postpartum. That said, contrary to common belief, becoming a mother does not diminish your professional abilities. If anything, it makes you all the better for it. 

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