Tips on How to Get Sleepy During Daylight

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There is always advice on how to get a good night’s sleep, but what about a good morning’s sleep? Even though proper sleeping is meant for night time, not everyone has the luxury of sleeping then. Some people have a night job, others have newborns who keep them up, and some have medical conditions or illnesses. That’s not to forget those that love to take a morning nap when possible. Eventually, everyone has to get some sleep. While others are trying to shake off morning sleepiness, we’re going to give you some tips on how to catch some Zs in the morning.

Keep It Dark

Trying to sleep with sunlight shining through your window is a feat on its own. Your room should have drapes; heavy ones that keep sunlight away. Wearing a comfortable and light eye mask may also help; the point being that darkness is conducive to sleep. 

Keep It Rocking

In a study published last year in Current Biology, researchers noted that when the body is rocked, like on a rocking bed or chair, it promotes better sleep. A rocking motion tends to influence our brain activity and may reduce the time it takes to fall asleep. Consider investing in a rocking chair. Rocking combined with a peaceful atmosphere will help you to get sleepy, so it’s worth looking up the 5 best rocking chairs made for the outdoors to help facilitate the sleep process. These chairs are perfect for your outdoor porch or patio. If you’ve ever rocked a baby to sleep, you’re probably aware of how rocking helps sleep. If it works for the baby, it can work for you!

Keep It Cool

Having the optimal temperature in your room is important for both daytime and nighttime sleep. A room that is too hot will keep you awake. You don’t want to be shivering either. It’s suggested that the optimal temperature should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit (15 to 20 Celcius).

Keep It Quiet

It’s going to be noisier outdoors in the morning, and if you live with others who are at home in the morning, it’s also going to be even noisier. You could buy yourself a white noise machine to help block outside sounds. Also, consider using a white noise fan. A pair of good old fashioned earplugs can also help. Quietness also includes keeping your phone off or silent, and informing anyone at home to not disturb you.

Keep It Decaf

There are several things we do that prevent sleep. Caffeine, for instance, stays in our system for several hours. Say you’re at your graveyard shift or working hard on something at night, with the intent to make up your sleep the next morning; It’s tempting to have a coffee… or 3, to keep you going throughout the night! But it certainly won’t help you the next morning to get any shuteye. It’s better to keep your coffee or tea decaffeinated.

A few strategies are needed to get sleepy in the morning because there are lots of stimuli preventing sleepiness. When you try all these suggestions, you may be able to trick your body into thinking it’s nighttime, which will facilitate falling asleep. Keep your mind and body relaxed prior, and you’ll be able to drift into sleep easily. 

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